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trish1234567 | 17:22 Fri 10th Jun 2016 | Technology
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I was at my desktop computer recently with my Walkman around my neck when there started a non-stop alarm (like a car alarm) sounding off. I didn't know where the alarm was coming from. It was not coming from the computer or my printer or my copier. Much surprised, I discovered it was coming from my handbag hanging a few feet away.

I tipped everything out of my bag and found the alarm was coming from both my car keys and my mobile phone at the same time. I took the car keys (VW Touran) into another room whilst the mobile phone stayed where I left it – both items still sounding the alarm in separate rooms.

This all seemed uncanny to me and I can only explain it by the fact that the Walkman being around my neck whilst on the computer thus started a chain reaction, the cause being a computer-jinxed component of some sort. I had a job getting my husband to believe me!

I was unable to re-produce the happening! How was this possible, any answers?


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Maybe some electromagnetic pulse set them both off together (since they were next to each other in your bag). Or maybe one fired off triggering the other somehow.

Have to say my car keys don't have an integral alarm.
With the exception of those novelty key fobs which whistle (so that you can find your keys) when you clap your hands, I've never encountered (or heard of) any car keys (or fobs) that have the necessary electronic circuitry to make any form of sound. So you seem to have achieved the impossible, Trish!

Take more water with it in future ;-)
Have you checked if your car is still there?
That may be half of it.
Mobile triggers, sounds continuously; fob interprets it as a whistle and triggers continuously.
Now the question is why did the mobile alarm.
Because it saw... there must be a joke there somewhere...
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Hi all ... I just knew I would have a job convincing anyone to truly believe me. I only wish I had filmed it now.

Svejk : Husband was out with the car at the time and he reported no strange happening of any kind at any time.
Buenchico: Have just had the car serviced at VW garage where they use specialised equipment and electronic circuitry, so maybe they had a hand in my achieving the impossible. I strongly sense you're pulling my leg!
O.G: Sadly could not read your first answer as embedded film advert over the top of it! (perhaps you or Buenchico can advise me how to get shot of this). I really thought you had the answer until you thought maybe there was a joke somewhere. I'm absolutely telling it as it happened.

I fully intend to enquire at Inchcape VW garage next time I'm there and ask them if their carkeys are computerised or electonically charged somehow???

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