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Rosie29 | 18:06 Thu 26th Nov 2015 | Technology
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I have had problems with emails from Talk Talk for some weeks now. It takes about three minutes to get the inbox list displayed and then having read the first e/m it takes another three minutes to get the list back again. I have no problem accessing websites. T T say that other customers are having difficulties and say that it will a few days " to put it right. I,ve heard this so many times before and I,m so fed up with them.
I have asked to speak to a Manager but no luck. I'm contracted with them until the end of April and I don't feel like paying a penalty to leave them before that.
Anyone else having similar problems?


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You don't have to use the email service provided by your ISP! (Indeed, it's widely recommended that you should NEVER do so).

Open a new (free) email account here:

Then (if you so wish) use the Mail Collector facility to get mail sent to your TalkTalk account automatically forwarded to your GMX one.
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Thanks v much Buenchico - good advice - didn't know that.
Pay attention to what Buenchico says above,it is an excellent suggestion.
Question Author
I will def pay attention

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