Why Is Router In Wds Mode?

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Hypognosis | 22:59 Thu 26th Nov 2015 | Technology
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Primary Symptom:
Internet speed 0.3Mb/s for over 24hrs (TalkTalk (yeah, I know))
Secondary checks:
One relative in same town, on BT: speed is normal
2nd relative in same town, on TalkTalk: speed is 2/3 of tariff at 8pm
I rang BT and they say Openreach cannot locate any fault.

While I await progress with TalkTalk refund request, I have become bothered by this:-
Secondary symptom:
Netgear 2000 router/Wireless Settings/Advanced is in WDS mode
I did not set this myself and barely understand what it is for.
I have read the relevant section of the manual so I have seen the jargon but understanding is not much improved.
I am familiar with the router's 192.168... menu system.
I have rebooted the router up to 4 times per hour since fault began. IP address is dynamic so it cannot be a blacklisted IP issue.

Question is: can this router be accessed remotely and its wireless settings changed from WPS to WDS?

Is somebody piggybacking off my internet connection?

fwiw, I live alone and there are no signs of a break-in.


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You're becoming paranoid!

Nobody has broken in. Nobody is piggybacking off your internet connection. The settings within any electronic devices can be corrupted by power surges (such as millions of household experienced during the recent storms) or even by solar radiation. That will, almost certainly, be what's happened in your case.

Since you know how to access your router's settings, go into them and look for an option to go back to your original settings. (If you're really sure that you know what you're doing, reset the router to its factory settings and then enter the required information manually: )

However, if you're only getting 0.3Mbps then it's still most likely to be a line fault.
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Thank Buenchico

Not -becoming- paranoid; I already am! Getting on for 15 years, now.

TalkTalk kept me on the line for best part of 30 minutes but I lost my rag when I jumped to the conclusion that the 0870 helpline number was not free (call centre couldn't say Y/N as not in possession of the facts). I should be on the light-user package which is low on freebie extras.

As above, Openreach ran a line test and there is no localised fault, so I can request a refund next time I call TT. Result!

Thanks for the link.

Incidentally, the AB edit window is as resonsive as ever and it is the phone app which I am basing my claim on. They could be having server problems of their own.

There's another website which publishes speed results in real time and I have had speed faults magically clear up after doing just that but it's not supported on the phone but the first thing the PC will want to do at power-up is downloaf updates - at snail speeds.


Just to say that I don't believe that the basic line fault tests catch everything. Not unknown for that to find no fault and yet later a local fault is found the repair of which fixes the problem. One of the issues with splitting the network from the service provider is that responsibility is split too, and each takes 5%.

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Why Is Router In Wds Mode?

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