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ImLostAgain | 00:23 Fri 27th Nov 2015 | Technology
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Technophope talking, is Ubuntu free? Will open office work on it? Where can I get it?
I have always got on ok with windows but since upgrading to 10 I'm sick to death of the 'Critical Error' pop-up. No matter, I want shot of it. Ideally (just in case) I want to keep both in case of emergency.


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Ubuntu is free (as are other Linux distros). This link allows to download Ubuntu 14.04.3. Scroll down for installation instructions:
(NB: If you've got any doubts about switching your operating system you should use the 'Try before you install' option, towards the foot of the page, to run Ubuntu from a disc or memory stick. (It won't run as fast as it would if it was installed onto your hard drive but it will let you see if it meets your needs).

Ubuntu comes with LibreOffice (which is as good as OpenOffice) built into it. You can add on OpenOffice if you wish but the installation isn't quite as simple as when installing it onto a Windows machine.
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Cheers Buenchico. I'm off to bed now but I'll check that out tomorrow.
If you have not yet attempted a Ubuntu install, suggest you also take a look at Linux Mint, also free, ( see ) which is based on Ubuntu, as it has a more User friendly Desktop interface. For user comparison feed-back on Ubuntu v Mint see:

Regarding your Critical Error issues with Windows 10, it may be worth trying a Windows 10 Reset operation that will most likely fix your critical error problems. Best to do this before attempting to install a Dual Boot Linux system alongside Windows 10.

To carry out a Win 10 reset you start Windows 10 and log on as usual and proceed as follows:

* If you have an Anti-Virus program such as AVAST installed, recommended that you remove it before attempting a Win 10 reset. To remove it continue:-

- Press the Windows Logo Keyboard Key and "X" key combination together
- Select 'Control Panel'
- Select 'Uninstall a Program'
- Scroll through the list of installed programs and Select/Highlight 'AVAST
- Click 'Uninstall' to remove AVAST

* To perform a Windows 10 Reset continue:-
- Press the Windows Logo Keyboard key and "I" key combination together to access the Windows Settings panel
- Select 'Update & Security'
- Select 'Recovery'
- Below the text 'Reset this PC' select 'Get Started'
- Choose the Option 'Keep my files'
- Follow the on-screen instructions to perform a Windows 10 reset operation

If Windows 10 is now working ok, Time to install Linux Mint (or Ubuntu):-
- For Mint dual boot with Windows see
- For Ubuntu and other Linux distributions dual boot see

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