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Maydup | 12:12 Sun 04th Jan 2015 | Technology
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As a BT customer I have registered and can watch BT sport using the app on my ipad.

But if I try to watch it on my laptop I am asked to register again. If I start to register it quite rightly tells me that there is already a Primary user for this account. I cannot seem to login to BT sport on the laptop, only my main BT account. Is it possible that I can only watch the via the app now that I have downloaded it? is it one or the other maybe?


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I have just tried both ipad & laptop. When I set up BT broadband with BT Sport I used my hotmail account for the ID so using that I can watch on laptop. But when I got my broadband I also got an email address with I have as ID for BT sport. Is this the same with yourself.
Forgot to add. I think the app is for the on the go purposes same as Sky Go only for tablets to be used by one person.
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Any ideas? I'd really like to watch the cup match on the laptop rather than the ipad.
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Crossed post there sorry sycamore.

I am trying to use my @btinternet address for both devices.

if I try to set up a new one for the laptop they want to send me a letter to cancel the first.
Why not watch three of today's cup matches - one after the other online?

All on BT Sport 1
From your main BT account can you then go to BT Sport thats how I have done it and I logged in using my hotmail account
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I'm in! I needed to change my password for some reason, but I am in on both devices with my @bt address now. Thanks for helping.

Yes settled down for back to back cup matches now!

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Bt Sport On Laptop

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