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Idiot Computer

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starone | 16:34 Mon 08th Dec 2014 | Technology
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Quite often when I switch on my computer and try to get into my gmail or the internet a large message appears saying "You are not connected to a network". I feel like kicking it and saying "Yes I am, you stupid idiot computer" (but I don't of course). If I leave it for a while and then go back to it, it will quite often act normally - well you can see it in action now! Is there anything I can do to stop this. I have rung Virgin Media a couple of times and they have talked me through altering it, which works for a while, but then it comes back again. Short of lieing on the floor kicking and screaming, I do not know if there is anything else I can do. Anyone know anything? Is my computer wearing out? Anything? Thanks for any help.


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No idea.....but.......nice to see you posting.......always thinking about you and that day you wanted to know how many calories in a cod liver oil capsule.

Sounds like your router is not informing the computer that it is connected. Maybe it drops the line and takes a while to come up again ?

In which case, assuming the router is left on, the question is why does it drop the line.

Blooming tech, most stress ever.

Are there LED/lights showing an issue when this occurs ? It might suggest where the issue is. Net to router, or router to PC.
I can certainly empathise, I often find my self muttering "Stupid piece of crap!"
(Which it isn't) I have learned that little patience is needed not instant gratification.
Now I wait until all the little gizmo's have lightened up and doing their stuff before doing anything.

I hope someone more tech minded can help you.
I've had a look around for an answer to your problem, and I found these two websites. I hope that at least one of them helps:
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Thanks very much OldGeezer. Unfortunately, I do not understand how things work, so I shall have to pass your answer to my son-in-law, who I hope will be sufficiently with-it to know what to do. I am really fed up with it.
Hello Sqad. Did I get an answer to that question. I am still fighting the flab (1 stone overweight) and still taking cod liver oil capsules. Just come back from a Christmas lunch for the over sixties so not much hope of losing any weight at the moment. It was delicious but I managed to resist the offer of a second helping.
I told you not to be so silly and at your age, you have beaten the system and eat just what you fancied.

The usual ABer "big mouths" jumped on me and told me that it was disgusting that i didn't encourage you to calorie count..........;-)
Question Author
Thanks also to arksided and bookbinder. I am passing this information to my son-in-law and am hoping that it will help to cure my problem. It is nice to know that other people are experiencing the same problem and that there is therefore nothing basically wrong with my computer.
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Sqad - tee hee I had forgotten that. Thanks for reminding me.
This is really for Sqad. I am intrigued.. How many calories are there in a cod liver oil capsule? I don't calorie count but it would be a great conversation opener at parties: "Did you know that the average cod liver oil tablet has 93 calories in it? That's about the same as half a pint of beer! Not many people know that!" Or whatever...
I think you have hit upon the issue. You are not oiling it with enough cod liver. It's seizing up.
RocW......LOL.......I will keep that in mind.
It would vary on the capsule RocW. Say around 5 to 10 Calories. Compared to around 200 for a decent pint.
Try pulling out the plug of the modem for 20mins. Boot up when modem is reconnected.
I get that every few days. Sometimes I just unplug the router for a couple of minutes and then plug it back in, and sometiems it works. Sometimes I run the computer's own troubleshooting system.

If those don't work, I kick it.
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Idiot Computer

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