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Ann | 23:16 Mon 18th Nov 2013 | Technology
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Hoping someone can help me please. I typed out a long email which took me ages as it had such a lot of details on it. Minimised it at bottom of screen to finish it off after I watched a programme, came back and error was in yellow at bottom of screen and suddenly my email was gone! Don't know if I did something wrong or it disappeared on it's own. I use outlook express 6 (I think) Does anyone know if it has gone into a file and if I can retrieve it? I've checked sent box and deleted file but sadly not there. I can't face typing it all in again tonight :(


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If you've composed a message but not sent it then the only place that it might be is in your 'Drafts' folder.
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Ah I really thought it might be in drafts, you gave me hope Chris! But sadly nothing there! :( Thanks anyway.
Damn - there goes Ann's epistle to me....was looking forward to it!

Your last hope could be in search on the left, but it looks as though you have lost it Ann.
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No luck, looked everywhere, so resigned to the fact it all has to be typed again. Good old days of letter writing remembered, the worst that happened then was when you ran out of ink!! Thanks all. x
Imagine you knocked the ink bottle over with the quill and it went all over the parchment hiding your scrawl :-(
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Not if you were using "invisible ink" OG, do you remember that from the early 50s? I seem to remember my Mum holding the paper with the invisible words on, in front of the fire or a candle flame and they appeared by magic! What on earth was the "ink" made from?
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Was pleased (and amused) to see Prince Charles doing the Hokey Cokey on a visit abroad recently, proves he is human and not a stuffed shirt as a lot think!
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The "ink" was lemon juice
M-J-J.....I am being serious and you appear to be bringing that Keith Lemon aboard with his TV programme 'Celebrity Juice', which I think lacks 'ink'. (slang for humour.) :-)

Back to being serious, although it is a digression from the OP but confirm the posting from M-J-J ......Invisible ink can be made from lemon juice along with other liquids...including, bodily fluids. :-
##I honestly Do Not know if this is works. :- ##

Ann, I had a look at Alex's link and it should work for you if you are patience.

Alex, hope it works for Ann, but thanks for that link.
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Hey Ann
I feel your frustration, I have experienced it myself on forums but though I have never used Outlook before it sounds like if it's not in the drafts folder and unless the process provide by Alex is successful that you have lost it. Fingers crossed for yah.

It's awfully inconvenient and counterproductive that apparently Outlook doesn't automatically save drafts of your new messages during composition. Both Yahoo and Gmail do.
Ann, if you're typing a long email the safest way is to type it in Word, or something similar, which regularly saves what you've typed. Then, when finished, you can cut and paste it into your mail program.
As an alternative, if you're going to leave a half-finished email, send it to yourself. When you come back you can then cut and paste the contents into a new mail to send to your friend.
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What brilliant advice bhg - will certainly put that into practice! Thanks very much.
Whenever you type words of data in the email box it is automatically saved and is saved in drafts folder only. if the network server error occur while typing data in mail, the email page will be reloaded and the compose mail box will be disappeared. You said it is not in the drafts, then you might have clicked on discard button unfortunately. Better you once check in the TRASH, hope this gonna be helped you to get your data back and I would have to suggest you that whenever you want to send the mail, type the content of the mail in word doc or notepad instead of typing in email box directly and copy & paste it in. Also change mail settings in Lab such as "undo sent mail", "Easy saving", etc. This can help you to send mails very safely with losing the data.

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