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condor66 | 19:35 Wed 12th Jun 2013 | Technology
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Is it possible to get Internet connection without a phone ?


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Without a phone line installed was supposed to say, lol
I don't think so. I pay rental for phone line for internet and Sky although haven't put a phone in.
Depending on where you live, a 3G dongle would be the simplest. Not cheep though.
Maybe Satellite or cable, condor. If either are available in your area
back int' day I bought NTL because it provided me with a separate cable to my phone, which I've kept to this day. It does not and never has been used for phone. But when virginmedia bought them ought i think they stopped doing it.
if you have a smart mobile they will give you internet access with "tethering" depends if you mobile company has any limitations on it and its slow but will do for surfing e-mails etc i link my ace to my laptop when im staying in a hotel rather than pay a lot for wifi access
Virgin still allow you to have the broadband connection without a phone line, if you are in a cable enabled area.

I can connect via my smartphone, too, as it has a 'wifi hotspot' capability.

I also have a broadband dongle on pay as you go.

Then there is the satellite option.
You can get on via your mobile, or ask your neighbour for their password to use their WiFi.

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