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spudqueen | 18:44 Wed 12th Jun 2013 | Technology
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My new Kindle Fire HD arrived today. The battery is only half charged. Do I need to wait for it to be fully charged before I can play on it or can I use it now? So excited I don't want to wait!


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You can play on it while it charges.
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Thank you for your very quick reply sherrardk, but I've only got the USB charger and it says it may not charge whilst you're playing with it.
Can you play on them too? I thought for downloading books, but I'm not very up on technology. Am considering getting one. Love reading, but not sure if I'll like a screen more than paper.
The Kindle Fire is a tablet, the Kindle is just an e reader. I am a bookworm but would not be without my kindle now :)
Pixie - the ordinary Kindle is just books, the Kindle Fire is a tablet too (boy #2 has one).
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With the Kindle Fire you can read books, but you also have internet access and can play games, watch BBC i-player, skype, take photos - all sorts of stuff that I'm dying to get to grips with! Have bought it as we're going on a road trip this summer and thought it would be useful for the internet aswell as entertainment.
Most manufacturers of rechargeable items tell you to fully charge before using (and then fully discharge) to get the best performance (ie longest life) from the battery. Don't the Kindle instructions say something similar?
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Not that I can see!
Thanks daffy and sherrardk. I'll probably go for a kindle fire then x
pixie - if you want a device just for reading books on, it's a Kindle. You can use it on the beach, by the pool, in bright sunlight, it's small and light and its battery lasts for weeks between charges.

If you want a more multi-purpose device, a Kindle Fire is a good tablet. However, it wouldn't be as good on the beach or by the pool, and it's not so easy to read in bright sunlight, and its battery does last as long between charges.
does not*
Thanks, ellipsis . That's very helpful x
Worth finding the brightness and volume controls as their settings have quite an effect on battery drain. When it is running look for the black bar along the top. You will see the state of battery charge in the top right hand corner. Below it is a menu which will give settings including brightness, volume etc.

If you lessen them you can probably play and still be able to charge slowly.

The separate charger from Amazon is worth having.
Hi spudqueen.....Hope you have been trying-out you new toy. Being realistic.... If instructions say it May Not charge whilst being used, does Not mean that it will Not charge. Surely, the worst that can happen if it is used with a partly charged battery is that it will cease to function when the battery is fully discharged.

If you haven't yet had a go, my advice is you are wasting what could be real fun time. Get cracking, I am positive you will not 'put-out' the fire.

Best wishes.....Al.
I was always taught not to play with fire. Putting kindle with it is asking for trouble!
nice pun, Spoony :)
I'm on kindle fire it ! Get the quick charger from Amazon...very much quicker charge and easier to charge from mains when away from home ...enjoy xx
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I decided to leave it - it will have to wait until tomorrow. But thank you all for your replies. I'm soooooo looking forward to getting going tomorrow! And am probably going to buy a set from Amazon with charger, stylus etc etc. Seems much better value than the Amazon one!

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