The Plane crash

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HowardKennitby | 21:43 Thu 11th Oct 2012 | Technology
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Watched this earlier.

One thing struck me as odd, if your plane is going to crash on indeterminate terrain then lowering the undercarriage seems a very bad thing to do.

Possibly they were trying to cause maximum damage to the plane.

I was surprised at the cockpit section shearing off, the lack of fire and that one of the turbines continued running.

What did you think of this programme?


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Most accidents happen on take off or landing, so in most cases the undercarriage would be down.
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what did they expect landing in soft sand? had this been real the pilots would not have had the wheels down.
i found the whole experiment a waste of time
Very interesting Howard! that is to say we are flying on Monday< Happy days are here again .
I thought it absolute nonsense and a sheer waste of money and resources.

It proved nothing. No two crashes can ever be exactly the same so what was the point.
The point of the experiment was to determine why some crashes are survivable and some are not.
Re-constructing a crash where the aircraft is destroyed would add nothing more to the sum-total Air-crash Investigators already know from these tragedies.
However, creating a controlled crash where data is being recorded can assist with the design of future aircraft to ensure maximum 'survivability' in crashes where there is not immediate, complete loss of life.
They should have hired me . I could have told them there is more chance of walking away from a gentle belly flop than plummeting into the sea or a mountain.
One bit of information through that flight Rev, the wiring that dropped from above, can effect the people getting out, the metal base of the seats can cause ankle problems that would effect you walking out of the plane.

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The Plane crash

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