Just How Bad Is the Iphone?

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joggerjayne | 21:54 Tue 08th May 2012 | Technology
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So everybody talking about ...

(okay, The Guardian and a few friends are talking about)

... how much better the Galaxy is than the iPhone.

I have an iPhone (much to the amusement of my Galaxy owning pals), but never really use it ... and a Blackberry, ditto ... but I've not used a Galaxy. For the record, the phone I carry around day to day is a crappy old Nokia, which is small and light, and I love it.

But it sounds like the Galaxy is waaay more advanced, bigger and better memory, chips, stuff like that, better Apps, superior screen, better price ... well, basically better in every way.

There was that demonstration outside Apple, wasn't there, with people waving placards saying "WAKE UP" because the Galaxy has left the iPhone for dead, struggling and floundering in a wallowy ocean of bloatware.

So there are only two benefits of an iPhone ...

(1) It's got the trendy logo (which benefits teenagers)

(2) it's built by underpaid Chinese slaves and sold at a laughably inflated mark up (which benefits Apple skockholders).

So come on ... how bad is the iPhone, and how much better is the Galaxy?


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Well Galaxy has many variants including Ripple, Caramel and original whereas iPhone is just a phone.
Question Author
That's certainly an added benefit, douglas.
Where do the slaves that build the Galaxy come from .. ?
Question Author
Although the iPhone is not "just a phone" ...

It's also a teeny gaming device.
I've got a galaxy note jj and i absolutely love it. But i've never tried an iphone so i can't really compare the 2.
Question Author
"Where do the slaves that build the Galaxy come from?"

That's easy.

They come from ...

... err, from, you know ...

Oh, is that my kettle boiling? I have to go.
I have a Samsung Galaxy S and I hate it. I have had it for a year and I am planning on changing it to an Iphone once my contract is up. I have been told that the Galaxy S2 and the S3 are obviously much better but I have been put off them for life!
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Aaah, well you mustn't try the iPhone, kazzamac.

If you have a Galaxy, using an iPhone would be like going back to a black and white telly.
Never tried the galaxy. Am on my second iphone. Its the first phone I have ever had where I haven't been shopping for another phone and hotching for my contract to end.
Not saying its the best thing ever but it suits me.
How philistine! I'll just stick with my galaxy then ;o)
I love my iPhone (but that might be because I know how to use it), there are many smart phones in this house (various makes and models) and I can't get any of them to start, would hate to switch phone now.
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VC ... according to The Guardian, switching from a Galaxy to an iPhone will be like stepping back into the Dark Ages ... from a technology point of view.

Go for a new generation Galaxy.
I'm confused as to what the point of having either is if you don't use them?
Question Author
Is "hotching" a word?
thats how luke could text his princess ...
on a galaxy far , far away
I'm not sure that the Galaxy (S2 if that's what your talking about) does anything that the iPhone doesn't. You seem to be rabbiting on in a very non specific way JJ. Fact. Give us facts.
Thanks Dad has been telling me the same thing! lol
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EB ... I use them very occasionally.

The reason I have them is that, like most people, I keep getting upgrades, and new handsets. After playing with them for a bit, I've always ended up going back to my little Nokia, which slots into the smallest pockets on any of my jeans.
Samsung use the same factory in China as Apple - Foxconn.
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Zacs ... I AM rabbiting on in a non specific way.

But then, this IS "ChatterBank"

Oh, hang on ... no it isn't.

There's my kettle again!

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