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AB Editor | 11:38 Fri 04th May 2012 | Technology
15 Answers

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  • I Don't Have A Smartphone - 196 votes
  • 66%
  • Necessity - 85 votes
  • 28%
  • Nuisance - 18 votes
  • 6%

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I said necessity but it's only because it's part of my job not actually a necessity.
I spend less time on the computer now I have a smart phone,so to keep in the good books its a

Once upon a time people understood if someone missed a call because they were out of the office

Then they expected people to have a mobile

Now it's expected you can receive emails and have mobile online access
I'm not a smartarse, so I do not have a smartphone.:-)

Your loss Ron!
Mine's a necessity, it belongs to work, it means I can do my emails on the bus.
Necessity... can never get on the laptop!
Just how smart are they?
-- answer removed --
Absolutely essential!!! :)

Graham, "Just how smart are they?" very smart indeed!!!

especially the "Galaxy note", wicked bit of kit!!!!
My most recent handset is a so called 'smart phone'. The Internet access ability is ok even if the screen is limited compared to a PC, but in any case I'm not going to pay extra to my service provider for that function so it is only going to be used in a free WiFi spot, and so far that has only been at home where I have a desktop anyway.

It also has that devil's invention, the touch screen, It has caused more annoyance and frustration and just about everything else than it was reasonable to predict. Stay away from it.

Not only has the number of keypress errors shot through the roof as it claims I've pressed a key I've not, or not pressed a key I have, but I am often finding it has gone to a screen I've not asked it to whilst I wasn't watching. And on a number of occasions found it asking for conformation to delete "conversations" I have no intention of deleting. And to top it all when it goes into camera mode without being asked to, which is not uncommon, then it is in landscape view, and the lower keys then fail to register.

It is an utter nightmare, I'm unsure how it has managed to avoid the sledgehammer so far. Next handset I shall definitely be giving these 'thick phones' a miss and going back to a normal keyed one.

What's the point of functionality one rarely if ever uses when it comes with a huge dose of 'make your life miserable and try to make you permanently angry' ? Do these handset "designers" (and I use the term charitably) do it on purpose ?
^^^^^ LOL OG I'm thinking that says more about you than it says about the phone :) I think you need a smart phone with a larger screen.

Sent from my smart phone :))
I clicked necessity but it isn't really necessary I have one
I just love it :)
OG, I pay exactly the same now for my smart phone as I did for my 'normal' mobile and that amount also includes net time now

It shouldn't cost more at all

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