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Problem using Chrome and IE. Security issue?

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G2C2C | 10:08 Fri 04th May 2012 | Technology
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When I'm using Google Chrome some words on the page come up looking like a link and when I hover over them a little box appears over the word with advertisements in it.

I don't mean words the side of the page, I mean random words within the text of paragraphs etc. For example, after I post this and go back into it later, any one of these words I'm typing could come up as a link with advert.

Can I turn this off, and do you think it's a security problem. Different people use the PC at different times so it's hard to keep track of who is doing what.

On Internet Explorer, now everytime that I use it, there is a red line through the https on the address bar and I keep getting prompted about whether or not I want to view only the page parts sent securely.

Can anyone help with these problems?


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It MAY be this problem?, but you need to check with better techies than me as to the root cause.


As IE is reporting that there is a security issue with the web pages visited by both Chrome & IE, I'd be leaning to issue as above. ☺

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Problem using Chrome and IE. Security issue?

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