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Smartphones And Deafness

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rosyposy | 08:59 Sat 09th Nov 2013 | Technology
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I posted this in health but didn't get any replies, so thought I'd try here.
I have been told that some of the smartphones/iphones have an app (or whatever) so you can actually read live text as someone is speaking to you (maybe including movies?). I wonder if anyone on AB is using anything like this and what do you think of it. It sounds very interesting and heaven knows hardly any shops seem to have their loop system switched on which makes it quite difficult when shopping alone. -rosy


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There are text reading apps for both android and iPhones. Just google 'text reading apps'. Voice dream seems to be a good one.
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Thank you Zaks-Master for replying, I will certainly search for those. I was hoping too that someone who already uses one would tell me how they get on with it, but maybe no one does.....-rosy
You can use readit to me app but it is only available in google play store

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Smartphones And Deafness

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