E mail help needed.

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katystar | 15:02 Sun 04th Sep 2011 | Technology
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When I find some information or website that I want to send on by e mail to someone how do I do that?I've been sent e mails where i click on the link to take me to a site and would like to do that.I'm sure its easy when you know how!Many thanks


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Copy and paste the url from your browser in to the body of the email you want to send.
If you right-click on the web page, you get a drop-down menu with Send Email with Yahoo! Mail on it. You could try that.
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You're going to think I'm really stupid and though I've heard of copy and pasting not sure how to do that! I'll try what you suggest bookbinder though.Thanks.
To copy & paste a website address into an e-mail, left mouse click on the website address at the top of your screen. That's the bit starting with htt://......

It will be highlighted in blue. Then hold down the ctrl key and the "c" key at the same time, this will copy the highlighted text. Then go to your e-mail and place your cursor where you want the address to appear in the e-mail. Now, if you press the ctrl key and the "v" key at the same time the copied website address will appear in your e-mail.

Hope that makes sense.
That should read, the bit starting with http://...........
Don't forget to press enter or return after pasting the link before you send it.
Dodger666's answer is better than mine, katystar! I'm going to use that method in future!
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thanks everyone for your help!
Katystar, you can use the same procedure to copy & paste text from virtually any source into any any document you like, word documents, e-mails, spreadsheets etc.

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E mail help needed.

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