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smurfchops | 22:56 Fri 01st Apr 2011 | Technology
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Why am I having so much trouble using Adobe ? I am trying to watch something on BBC iplayer and it keeps pausing and saying I need Adobe Flash Player. I have loaded it now, but iplayer still pauses, and when I click on the Adobe logo it says it cannot open in protected mode due to a problem with my system configuration. I am trying to watch with Internet Explorer, I have Windows 7. I can't use Adobe with Mozilla and I have Foxit downloaded, so why won't the iplayer work ? I have had problems with Adobe for a while.


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You appear to be confusing Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader (judging by the fact that you've mentioned Foxit in the same post). Foxit and Adobe Reader are for opening pdf files. Adobe Flash is for viewing movies and animations.

Are you running Win7 64 bit, and if so, are you running the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer? I believe that there are problems using Flash Player in 64 bit IE. The 32 bit version of IE will run fine on Win7 64 bit.
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Sorry I'm not technical rojash. How can I find out if I am using 64 bit Windows Explorer, and if I'm not, can I or should I be using it ?? I normally use Mozilla Firefox for everything but it doesn't seem to load Adobe at all.
"How can I find out if I am using 64 bit Windows Explorer"

Open IE
Click the Question Mark (help) button
Click About Internet Explorer.

"if I'm not, can I or should I be using it ?"
No, you shouldn't

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