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mollykins | 08:27 Sat 02nd Apr 2011 | Technology
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My coursework won't save. I tried to and word just closed down. I reopened it and luckily there's an autosave version, but it won't let me save it.

Currently I have my memory stick in, but thats the only place that 99% of it is saved to.

What can I do?


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Try doing "save as" and give it a new name? Perhaps your memory stick is full - take that out and save the doc to a file on your desktop?
As above, can you save it to another location..


"but thats the only place that 99% of it is saved to. "

Get them saved somewhere else right now! having the only copy of your work on a memory stick is just asking to loose all your work.
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Nope, I still got laods of space on it.
OK, but you still need to consider an external hard drive, the sort of work you're doing now and in the future, you can't afford to lose.
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We've got one but dad ahrdly ever transfers the stuff and IDK how to do it.
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But because the computer started crashing it closed the internet down and kept saying it was trying to even when the internet was turned off!
molly - if you set it up right (and I'm sure someone here can tell you how) your hard drive backs up all the time, you don't have to tell it to start. Our external HD is on all the time, it backs up all the time that the computer is on. No need to do it manually if it's on auto-save.

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