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Dusty Bin | 22:16 Mon 31st Dec 2007 | Internet
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How do I secure an unsecured wireless internet connection?

I have a PC which is wireless enabled (using an adapter) and a laptop which was wi-fi enabled when purchased.

I want only the PC and my laptop to access my wireless broadband connection to stop my neighbours using my connection.

In idiot terms - what steps to I need to take? (no technical jargon, please!)


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Who is your ISP and what router do you have?
To help you, I have reposted Fay Mousse's reply with the technical jargon removed:

"Who is your and what do you have"
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Thank you both.

It seems I may know a little technical jargon as I know what an ISP is and although this time last month I didn't know what a router was, I do now having been given one as a present this Yuletide.

My ISP is TalkTalk Broadband and I have a Belkin F5D8633 wireless ADSL modem router.

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