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Santander Bank Home Page Slow To Load

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Dodger666 | 17:12 Thu 05th May 2016 | Internet
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For some time now I have to wait ages for the Santander Bank home web page to download.

If I "Google" Santander and choose "Online Banking" it loads in a flash. If I select "Bank Accounts, Savings, Loans and Mortgages Santander" I have time to open a further six websites before Santander's home page opens.

The only advice I can get from their helpdesk is to type in the URL address bar rather than use a "Favourite" link. Even when I do this it still takes forever.

I habe BT Infinity with a download speed of 40MB/s.

Am I the only person that gets this problem?


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What browser are you using??
I've just tried using IE and Chrome and both work fine for me (I'm on Virgin Media).
I tried using a favourite link for both and they were both ok .....
Question Author
I'm using Google Chrome and have had this problem for ages. I have no problem with any other webpage, everything loads pretty much instantly. Even Santander's webpages open instantly with the exception of their home page. Even my brother, who lives in Sydney 10,000 miles away, opened it instantly yesterday while we were using Skype.

I have the same problem using IE.

After I posted this question I received a message from Santander to phone their Internet problem helpline. Hopefully they are a different team than the ones that just tell me to type the address into the address bar.
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I have just spoken to the Santander technical people and they say there's nothing they can advise me to do to fix the problem.

The best thing they could come with was the settings on my PC or browser. As almost every other webpage opens in a second I fail to see what could be wrong with my settings or browser. I will have to put up with it. Thankfully I don't visit their home page that often.
I use Chrome and always access the bank from (My Favourites) I have no problems at all and never have had. I use this link
I use Chrome and the Santander website is whizzy for me. Try clearing your cache
Question Author
I have had no problems opening the online banking link, it's only the homepage. I have cleared my cache regularly, it makes no difference.

As I don't need the home page very often I can live with it. Having said that I would like to know why.

Thanks for all the comments.
I had the problem of, got the sign in page, then when I went to sign in got '' this page cannot be displayed''.
That was in IE, so now I use firefox, and get no problems.
It might be a memory usage problem. Try the (excellent) Avant browser:
Question Author
Thanks for all the suggestions. Last Monday everything was slow so reluctantly I contacted the BT helpline.

It appears the problem may have been caused by my BT Home Hub. After spending over an hour asking an Indian "what did you say" numerous times he eventually told me the Hub was faulty. A new Hub was delivered on Tuesday and all seems normal now.

It doesn't however explain why only the Santander home page was affected but at least it opens instantly now.
I had a similar problen to this some years ago when a website I had bookmarked wouldn't load at all (didn't exist) if I used the bookmark but was fine if I typed in the URL. Try deleting your bookmark, going to the page by Googling and then re-create the bookmark from there.
Question Author
Thanks for that bhg.

I couldn't open the Santander home page even after typing it's URL directly into the address bar.

However, all seems well now.

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Santander Bank Home Page Slow To Load

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