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E Mail Not Being Sent

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fbg40 | 19:32 Thu 05th May 2016 | Internet
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Have tried on several occasions over the last two days to send E mails to a relative in Canada. On each occasion I get the following message :
This is the mail system at host know-smtprelay-1-imp. I am sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. The message is attached below. The remote mail system said: Access denied...097f8f07d3074e7f0edbaa1aabd3abdf4aca9ab79e575bc363faca4a736a93b78b8b...
I can receive from him ok. I'm using W10 and windows live mail. Any ideas ? Never had trouble before. Many thanks


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Is there a small difference in the e-mail address, a full stop, comer etc.

Try sending one to yourself, see what happens.
are you with Virgin?

If so it seems that the Canadian's email company is blocking receipt of emails from Virgin.
If you can receive from him try "replying" to him, rather than creating a new message. That way you'll know that the email address is correct.
If you have an alternative email (gmail, yahoo etc, try sending from the webmail feature)

The dreaded email blacklisting!

For some strange reason, there's a server in between your computer and that of the intended recipient which thinks that you're a spammer. Occasionally that can occur when a poorly-configured spam filter identifies all mail from a particular email provider as potential spam. (e.g. the system correctly identifies spam originating from an address ending in and wrongly blocks mail from all other addresses ending in I once had to try half a dozen different email services until I could find one which wasn't blocked by the service used by an US-based ABer. (If you're having a similar problem all you can do is to try a different email provider's service).

More commonly though, spam filters block mail from particular IP addresses (or from a particular block of IP addresses). So the first thing to try is simply to change your IP address. Assuming that your ISP uses 'dynamic' addresses (which they almost certainly do), that's dead easy:
Start by finding out what your current IP address is by clicking here:
Then disconnect your router from the phone line (or cable), wait for a minute or so and reconnect it. Click on the same link to confirm that your IP address has changed, then try sending the email again.

The next thing to check is whether SMTP authentication is enabled in Windows Live Mail. (Some spam-filtering systems look for it). To do so, right-click on your account name and select 'Properties'. Click the 'Servers' tab and put a tick next to 'My server requires authentication'. Click 'Settings' and select 'Use same settings as my incoming mail server'. Click 'OK'.
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Many thanks for all the replies. As an update, I sent another E mail using G Mail and it got through ok - process of elimination tells me it must be at the Canadian end and they don't like Virgin. (Always been alright until now) Thanks again.
Wow, I wish I'd known they didn't like virgins when I was younger, I'd have been happy to pop over and try to help with the problem.
Question Author
Just to let you know, I tried what you suggested, but my IP address remained the same. However, on the page , when it was telling me my ip address, there is a button asking me if I want to hide the address - would this make any difference ?
That link takes you to information about VPNs and other ways of hiding your IP address. The problem with using VPNs though is that the free ones tend to fill your computer with ads (or slow it down enormously); it's only the paid-for ones that are much good.

You could try installing the Tor web browser though (which automatically bounces your internet traffic around the world, to hide your IP address):
If your email is then still rejected you'll know for sure that it's all Virgin Media addresses that are being blocked. (As I indicated above, North American servers are notorious for assuming that any emails originating from outside of that continent must be spam and blocking all of them!).
^ ^ ^


That got posted before I could add "This video looks like it might help as well but, because I'm not using Virgin Media, I can't test it for myself".
Question Author
Hi All
Just an update on the problem I had (HAD being the definitive word !) with my E mails to Canada - the problem h now been sorted. I joined the Virgin Media Community support group, postedthe problem and was advised to change ports for both outgoing and incoming mail and success ! Many thanks for all the help and advice I was given.
Thanks for that, Fbg40.

We'll add that to the list of possible solutions the next time someone has the same problem!

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E Mail Not Being Sent

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