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Coldicote | 15:19 Tue 13th Jan 2015 | Electronics
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The most awkward job in my home is reading the electricity meter in my airing cupboard. It is quite small, partly concealed by other electrical gadgetry and is difficult to see, let alone read. I sit there in a chair, leaning forward with a torch in one hand and trying to memorise and note the displayed numbers, which change every few seconds.

Who is responsible for electricity meters? I would appreciate advice how to go about getting it changed, preferably to a different meter or possibly to a different position where it can be seen more easily.


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The meters are owned and maintained by your electricity provider. From my own experience with our electricity board, they would move an awkward placed meter to somewhere better suited free of charge. But I think different companies may charge...

Give your provider a ring and see what they say.
It'll cost you. It's not going to benefit the supplier, so you'd need to cover the price.

Anyway they want to bring in all these 'monitor you / cut you off remotely / probably hackable by vandals or worse' type "smart" meters soon. Maybe you can negotiate a change of location when they are foisted on everyone ? (Never mind they say they are replacing them for free, ultimately where do they get their money to do it from ?)
On one of your previous threads it was suggested you take a photo, did you try that?

Seems like a good solution.
One might wonder why an airing cupboard was built around the electricity meter. Aren't they usually near the hot water tank ?
That isn't my experience O_G, thinking back through 3 or four properties of varying ages.
Our meter is above our bedroom door (about 12 foot off the floor) inside the room, so when the meter reader comes to visit I have to quickly tidy up!
Every house I've lived in has had it's airing cupboard with the hot water tank. My woman's place is an exception as she has one of those new fangled combi boilers and thus no hot water tank; but even that is not near the meter, but in the back bedroom where the boiler is.
Depending on your electricity supplier, you may be able to persuade them to change the meter for a different type, which in turn may be oriented differently so you can see it.
However you don't stand any chance of moving in seriously far from where it is, as to do so would involve not only changing the route of the supply cable into your house (leading to the cupboard) AND some changes to your own domestic wiring on 'your' side of the meter.
One wonders where your consumer unit (fuse box or circuit breakers) are? They are usually close to the meter.
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Many thanks for your replies. Both hot water tank and electricity meter are in my airing cupboard. I was wondering if someone other than the elecricity supplier might be authorised to deal with meters. I'm with Scottish Power but it seems I shall have to contact them.
Responsibility for the meter lies with your supplier, in that it is they that decide whether one needs changing or not.
Responsibility for doing the work lies with the electricity company in your region who deals with the supply network (distribution company). This won't be Scottish Power unless you live in Scotland (and even then there are 3 distribution companies in Scotland. They may subcontract the work.
In the first instance you need to talk to Scottish Power. You could try asking when the next scheduled meter replacement is due, as a tack to use, then explain why you are asking.
If you have a disability that prevents you reading it in its present location then it's worth pointing that out. I have an experience that suggests they might feel obliged to resolve it
I have smart meters,which do not require reading
I'm sure we are all delighted for you, Razza.
Unfortunately it doesn't help in this ladies predicament.

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