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Removing Programs

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slid_away | 17:29 Mon 14th Jan 2008 | Computers
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Hi all
Over the years I have collected many programs on my PC, taking up loads of room.
I want to get rid of the programs I dont use but I am unsure about removing programs I dont know.
Is there a free download, that scans my PC. tells me what I haven't used for ages and lets me know its safe to delete off? I don't want to deleting any of the OS programs!!


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If you go to the control panel, there should be a notice there that says add/remove programmes just click on that and it should tell you how often they are used, just be sure you really want to delete them before clicking on the delete/remove button
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Cheers Rays
I did know about this option and like you say, you have to careful when removing a program. I would really like something that says ,this is not a OS program or its is safe to removing.
Thanks anyway.
I'm pretty sure that the add/remove programs list is populated by all programs which have been installed OUTSIDE the core Operating System components, so you will be quite safe to remove any you don't want. As raysparx1 says, a good guide is to click on any of the installed programs and you will see a "last used" date.
Most programs in the add/remove panel can be safely removed.

You will see the 'add or remove windows components' is quite separate.

If you don't recognise a program, google it - you will soon see what it does. For example, in my add/remove programs there are 3 progs for ATI software. I had no idea what this was, but google tells me it concerns my graphics board so I leave that well alone.

If you really can't tell what something is - ask here.

If it is small, you might as well leave it alone.

You may see you have several Jave SE Runtimes - each taking around 150 mb. You only need the latest one, so remove all the others.
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Thanks to all. I have had some great advise and feel confiedent to give it a go.
Thanks again.

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Removing Programs

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