Removing Desktop Shortcuts

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davewr | 07:58 Thu 19th May 2011 | Computers
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My home computer has been getting slower and more erratic for months so after advice from AB I have un-installed existing anti-virus programs (Ad-Aware, AVG, SpybotSD & Spyware Doctor 8) and intend installing Microsoft Security Essentials. At the moment I have 2 icons on the desktop for Spybotsd160 & set-up spybot162, which are installation wizards. There is nothing in the list of programs regarding them.. If I delete these shortcuts will that get rid of everthing connected with them or is there more to do?


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Are they really shortcuts? or are they the installation files (they'll have a little arrow over the bottom left of the icon if they are shortcuts)

If they are the installation files just delete them, but it won't make the computer faster.

If they are shortcuts then deleting them won't change anything at all other than the shortcuts won't be there.
give cc cleaner a go its free and gets rid of all the crap (hence the name crap cleaner) safely,
clean your registry with the same prog too and do a defrag of your main disc
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I didn't know about the arrows - I thought everything on the desktop was a shortcut, except things I was temporarily saving. There are no arrows so I will delete them. After getting rid of the programs I used the computer off-line and it was fine, it even shut down in about 30 seconds when it was taking up to 30 minutes before.
I think I will give that a go. Do you leave that installed or un-install it after use?

Is there a program I can download and run to check if the computer is free of any viruses etc. so I can be sure I have a clean sheet before starting with Essentials?

Thanks to you both for your help.
30 mins to shutdown?! lol

Mine's shutting down far too quickly then .. about 8s.

Iwouldn't go using ANY registry cleaner before you are sure its all ok.
Install MSE and do a full scan.
Install Malwarebytes and do a full scan.
Both of the above with System Restore OFF. Select on again when they finish ... let them clean anything.

You shouldn't need anything else installed. Substitute Malwarebytes with Spybot if you have to.

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Removing Desktop Shortcuts

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