PC to TV link ???

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gasman | 18:56 Sat 25th Nov 2006 | Computers
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I would like to watch the movies i download from Sky on my TV not just on my PC. In the comfort of my armchair in the sitting room or bedroom. the pc is in a totaly different room to any other TV in the house. Does anybody know what software and devices i need to purchase to make this possible.


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If the DRM allows it, you could burn the movies to disc (though I'd be very surprised if this is possible).

Otherwise, if your PC has a video out port (many graphics cards offer this), you could try one of those "Video Sender" devices.
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Thank you .
You can not simply burn a disc as you say, They will not allow it. What am i looking for to see if there is a video out port ??? so i could get a video sender.
It depends on whether you have a dedicated graphics card. If you have, the "video out" is likely to be Composite video (normally a single yellow socket of the "phono" type - you take the sound from the computer's headphone socket) or possibly S-Video (small round multi-pin socket) - assuming that your card does support video out!

If not you could get and fit a card, or I have used an external device that converts the monitor signal to composite - I guess there may be USB devices that will do the job as well.

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PC to TV link ???

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