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Date Wrong On Laptop

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aelmpvw | 12:17 Fri 14th Oct 2022 | Computers
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noticed this morning that the date on my taskbar was 14/10/2022
went into settings and clicked on change date automatically and nothing changed
changed the date manually to 15/10/2022 worked but when i went back to change date automatically it reverted to 14/10/2022 aarrgghh
win 10 has updated, could that have created the problem? (no viruses found)



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...but today IS the 14th!
Question Author
^ i put an enter on each sentence and ab has turned it into one long question . . .

ael, it seems your memory needs a quick reset.
Easy done, I keep writing 2002
Question Author
i'm going for a lie down, i honestly thought today was saturday :-(
At least you knew it was a day, Ael. I flounder around with no idea. They joys of retirement. :-)

Or living in confusion. :-(
Question Author
still seems strange seeing all the answers posted on friday when i though my post was on saturday :-)

Easily done, I keep writing 2002
I havent written 2002 for a long time, at least 20y - too long to remember
yeah there is a little square bottom left of the screen where you look to see what the date is...

oh, I see, - - - you did
Question Author
pp, it would help if it said what day was as well, think i'll email microsoft :-)

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Date Wrong On Laptop

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