Joining 2 Partitions Together

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puternut | 21:46 Fri 09th Aug 2019 | Computers
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Greetings earthlings!

I am hoping a computer savvy can guide me regarding the partitions on my Win 10 Home 64-bit PC.

The Acer Predator G3-710 is listed as having a 1TB hard drive on board. When I got the machine it showed drive C: as a mere 118GB and a secondary drive (F:) with 931 GB. I assume this is Acer standard practice.

As time has gone on the C: drive is now showing red with only 12gB left and some programs (i.e. DVD burners) say I need more space on C: ,All pretty straight forward - Yes?

I have backed up F: Drive and then Deleted all on it and it is showing as Unallocated via the Control Panel / Disk Management.

So I should now just right click C: and then click 'Extend Volume' but its greyed out.



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Have you got all of your data backed up, all of the applications you use readily available for reinstallation, plus the Windows 10 media?

If so, bite the bullet and rebuild the machine, removing all partitions first and creating one partition on the hard drive. You don't need to partition the drive at all.
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Thanks for the suggestion but Acer did not supply a Win 10 disk.
Not even a licence key?
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Sorry meant to add I cannot do as you ask i.e. creating one partition on the hard drive.
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Thanks for the link TheChair.

This offers 2 solutions. First one is as I have tried but cannot get the C: drive to extend. The second is via software that appears to be able to offer help if you have one drive split into parts and need them resizing. It doesn't seem to be able to help if the 2 are seen as two SEPERATE drives. Since my PC seems to have been set up like this it is of no help. Also costs ££.

I have written to Acer to see if they can help
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Thanks quizman55.

This software as with the previous seems to be where all the partitions you have and/or want are on one drive but they're not.
If they aren't on the same physical disk then I don't think you can easily fool the PC into considering them as one drive. Since the disk isn't partitioned. I suspect you are mistaken and that it is one disk partitioned into 2 or more drives. In which case the software should work. Delete the drive you have emptied of files then extend the remaining system drive
The paging area is usually on Disk C as default; you can change it to disk F to give yourself a bit more room on disk C.

control panel > system > advanced system settings > "Advanced" tab > Performance settings > advanced > virtual memory change.

You can then copy the numbers currently on C to F and then set C to none.

Next time you reboot the paging area will be on disk F and disk C will have a bit more free room on it.
When you say that you backed up and deleted everything on the F drive, did you also delete the partition which holds the F drive ?

If not, that is why you can't extend the C drive - as far as Windows is concerned there no free space to extend the C drive into. The Easus software quizman suggested is free and will allow you to delete the partition which holds/held your F drive and then extend the C drive.
As an addendum to my last post, I'd better add a word of warning here.

It is possible that your system is set up in a way which keeps the OS and software installations on your C drive (to make backing up the system drive easier) with the saved documents, images, videos, downloads and all the rest stored on the F drive. If that is the case, you might find that some things don't work after you have deleted the contents of the F drive, or after the F drive and it's partition have been deleted.

For example, by default your documents folder will be on the same drive as the OS, but it can be moved to another drive instead. If that is the case and you then create a new document and try to save it, the folder won't be there any more so the saving won't work.

It's a long time since I needed to mess around with partition sizes, but I'm pretty sure that the Easus software can extend one partition and reduce the size of a second one by using free space in the second partition (the F drive in your case). That being so, there is probably no need to delete the F drive or the partition holding it.
F: drive contents have already been removed.
May be easier to correct pointers to unfound areas as they are complained about ?

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Joining 2 Partitions Together

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