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pussyfoot | 13:03 Mon 19th Aug 2019 | Computers
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Is it possible someone could remotely delete files on my pc.
I had some very important files and details (concerning very serious crimes) which have suddenly been wiped from my pc. If so is it at all possible to recover them? Also mysteriously my history shows nothing except for today on pc or ipad, system restore has been cleared.

Any help at all!


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If the PC has been compromised and connected to the outside world. But it's unlikely.

You have looked in the trashcan ? might help.
I take it that nothing was backed up.
Have things been updated overnight ?
Has the disk failed somehow ?
Possible, but unlikely. But in a case like this where you have definitely lost important files then it would help a lot to be able to physically access the device. I'd be inclined to take it in to a PC support centre, who may be able to provide more detailed advice and data recovery.

Certainly, if OG's suggestion (or any future suggestions) doesn't work, then take seriously the idea of servicing the device.
more likely in these circs is that someone accessed your computer?
Question Author
I stupidly didn't back up these files. I was about to print off and hand to the police, it's my only proof to convince them I'm not a crack pot.

Did you ever get the house sale soerted and was it your neighbours doing pretend viewings?
Question Author
.....sorry I hadn't finished writing....also last night on f/b someone enquired about an item I have for sale & a window popped up saying my camera and microphone was being used, I switched off immediately that's why I was about to print it all off, the people I'm talking about know that I know their crime but without the proof I'll not be believed. thank you all. Ange
For someone to have remote access to your computer (unless you've granted it to them, which involves a procedure that you can't do by accident) they'd need to get some malware onto it first. Unless you're in the habit of, say, plugging USB memory sticks into your computer that you've got from untrustworthy sources, the only way that can happen is if you go to a dodgy website or download a compromised file.

The chances of someone who has committed a crime against you managing to hack into your computer from a remote location are so close to zero that they can safely be ignored. (The only exception might be if the person involved is a very experienced hacker - and even then the firewall and other security software on your PC should keep you protected).

Further, anyone who could remotely access you computer almost certainly wouldn't waste time looking for specific files and deleting them. They'd simply delete all documents or lock your computer up totally.

As O_G suggests, running Recuva might help. Also try searching for a file name or for its extension. (Search for *.doc to find all files ending in '.doc'. Search for *.docx' to find all files ending in '.docx')
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Yes I sold house wolfgang, these are new neighbours acting very odd since I moved here so I delved a little deeper and got my information that has disappeared. I just need it back to show my proof. If I took pc to a specialist would they be able to recover it?
Pop-ups which warn you that your camera and microphone have been turned on are usually created by malware which wants to trick you into buying totally unnecessary ((and usually fake) security software. i.e. the camera and microphone haven't[i been turned on - it's just a scammer trying to scare you. (People who're using desktop PCs, that aren't even equipped with webcams or microphones, see those messages too).

If you've [i]already] got Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on your computer, run a scan with it. (I don't recommend it as a fresh download, as it comes with a free trial of the 'Pro' version - which seems to slow some computers down quite a bit).

Otherwise download and run AdwCleaner. (There's no installation process; you simply run the downloaded file directly):
Question Author
Thank you Buenchico I never thought about them looking for certain files, yes everything would have gone. I'm not a fast typer so I think I was a bit slow catching up with your answers. I'll try all those things and let you know the outcome. Thank you. Ange
>>> If I took pc to a specialist would they be able to recover it?

All they'll do is to run file recovery software, such as Recuva. You can do that yourself for free.
If they're close neighbours are you sure your router is secure? If it isn't they might have got into your computer that way.
oh - - weeping angel for computers
(weeping angel program - sony teevees used to listen to you - leaked by Snowden and well covered in fiction such as The Good Wife)

is possible - ish. It it were that easy, then police would never need to seize computers andd phones, would they - just ring up GCHQ -

You have certainly learnt the hard way not to back up - I er keep 5 in rotation and at remote sites. too much Good Wife I suppose

emails are slightly different - mozilla regularly loses mine and then they reappear. and last week I recd one from 2018 or at least I think I did. also it is possible they say to suck back unread emails

>>> If they're close neighbours are you sure your router is secure? If it isn't they might have got into your computer that way.

That still shouldn't be possible unless a 'home network' has been established (which requires action on both machines). It would be a hell of a lot easier to break into the house and access the PC that way!
gosh you don't have much luck with neighbours do you?
Your PC is presumably Windows, and your iPad Apple iOS.
Two different and unconnected platforms, and different software and Operating Systems. It is very unlikely your iPad has been remotely compromised.
Even if someone had physical access to your PC and iPad, they would need to have your passwords. Depending on how old your iPad is, they would also need you finger print or face ID to access the device.
Even if someone broke into your house and physically managed to delete files on your PC, they could not be sure that you had not made a printed copy, backed them up to the cloud, a hard drive or a memory stick (which you should have done for such important documents).
amongst all this big bruvva angst
can I lighten the conversation with a little jest?

//Is it possible someone could remotely delete files on my pc.// blimey it is a pity we cant do that with some of the comments on AB ! ter daaah !
lol PP
let me thank punters - - there are some really good and useful comments on this thread, compared to say - - - news

oh and chris I used your template for a codicil, saving me a nuvva hundred knicker - thx again

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