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Old_Geezer | 11:15 Wed 07th Aug 2019 | Computers
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I've just looked at my woman's laptop to find a popup claiming "support for windows 10 april 2018 update ends in november 2019", and wanting us to restart and update. I ask here first because this wasn't from going to any windows update screen, and it's rather suspicious to have a picture and buttons (none of which relate to "go away until asked") just be there on screen.

I have a vague idea I'd read that a large update was due but looking for details on a websearch proved a failure; that was until I typed in the phrase "support for windows 10 april 2018 update ends in november 2019" as informed by the popup. At which point a very few hits occurred.

Can anyone confirm it's valid before I go ahead ?



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Thanks, that was one of a very few that came up on the 2nd search.
I'm somewhat surprised there isn't more discussion about it on the Internet.
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DVDs won't play properly now >:-(
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This is utterly ridiculous. The laptop is now useless for the thing I use it for.

Tried going through VLC help (it's not the only player I've tried) and none of it's suggestions changed anything. (And there is no maximise performance power plan to change to.) Does anyone have any suggestions on how to sort this ?

I'm going to go try the DVD on the study PC now, to see if that has the same issue. I've already tried DVDs I've played on the laptop previously without issue, in order to check, and they now have the same problem. (I accept it may be coincidence rather than the update, but something has changed at that time.)
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PC plays it fine.
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Trying to roll back now. Given the size of the update gawd only knows what will result.
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That seems to have worked ! And quickly too.
Now there's just the small issue of preventing Microsoft from ever updating it again.
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I've just discovered that there is a version of Windows called LTSB.
Wonder how one can upgrade from the 'load more bugs every six months' version, to it.

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