Extending Wi-Fi Capabilities Of Router

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puternut | 07:43 Tue 14th Apr 2015 | Computers
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ituation is as follows. My router (a Thomson TG585v8) from my ISP [Plusnet] has to be placed in one of three bedrooms which I use as a study and where I have my desktop. If anyone tries to connect to therouter via wireless capability the signal seems to get worse the further away I get from the router. My lounge is the furthest away of all the rooms and wi-fi signal is at best poor if at all.

I have, in the past, installed a system by a company called Solwise [model Homeplug 200AV] where the internal mains wiring within the house is used to carry the Ethernet signal to other devices. This has worked well as regards ethernet but the ethernet/wi-fi unit was found to be interfering wih the television signal and caused interference.

I would like to install an EE/Now TV type box to my TV which, as you've probably guessed is in the lounge.

Is there a cost-effective way of boosting the signal from the router, in respect of wi-fi, to overcome the drop in signal I get in my house? My belief is that the house itself cannot be helping as by reason of its Victoran design & Construction with regards to thick intenal walls is blocking the signal as the 'straight line between the two points is, in my estimation, only 30 feet - not counting floors and walls.

Sorry its so long and as always - thanks in advance


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You can get repeaters that simply plug into the mains socket for power. I have one in my kitchen to expend the range out to the patio. Got it from Maplins I think, but I'm sure they are in multiple stores.
This has been dealt with before and you might find it on AB, I remember sqad saying he had a couple of them in his house.

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Extending Wi-Fi Capabilities Of Router

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