How To Sync Ipad Calendar With Outlook Calendar

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RSDonovan | 19:47 Mon 13th Apr 2015 | Computers
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when I click Settings / Mail, contacts, calendars / Exchange on my iPad 2 I don't get the option to enter Server and all that good stuff that will allow me to sync my iPad calendar with my Outlook calendar. I only get to enter email address, password and description. I believe I should be able to access Server and change it to to enable full sync access.

At the moment it only syncs mail and notes!

I have watched many YouTube videos and followed the instructions faithfully, but I still only get the options to access my vanilla Hotmail account, so anything I do with my iPad calendar doesn't get reflected on my main computer.

Has anyone else had this problem? I am using an iPad 2 with iOs 8.2

Thanks in advance


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How To Sync Ipad Calendar With Outlook Calendar

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