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ozmeister | 19:46 Tue 05th Feb 2013 | Computers
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Having a nightmare at home, had Talk Talk Broadband for a couple of years, recently I have started working from home on my laptop using a virtual desktop (wireless), wife has an iPad, kids Xbox live and also 3 mobile phones linked via wireless router - we keep losing connectivity (worse when I am on laptop, wife on iPad and kids on Xbox live) - is this a bandwidth issue and how can I resolve.

Talk Talk have coincidentally stated they are sending us a new router.

Getting approx 5Mb download speed - time to change and if so to who ??

Need unlimited broadband and 24 hr free local / non premium calls ?


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TalkTalk are an absolute nightmare...atrosious cutomer service I was with them for 2 years too long, they also promised me a new router, weeks dragged on after they said they had sent it out nothing arrived.
I'm with Talk Talk and my broadband is getting slower and slower. The problem with changing is that you hear horror stories about all the different providers so what do you do,you could go from the frying pan into the fire.
I'm with Talktalk and it was getting really slow, but then they upgraded something locally and it got much better.

Perhaps give them a ring and see if they have any plans to improve your service before you consider switching.
5Mb download speed would be regarded as good by many people. (It's roughly what most people get in my road, although I get double that by having an ADSL2+ service).

Connectivity issues, such as the ones you refer to, most usually come about through interference on the channel used by your router. That can be caused by:
(a) your neighbours using routers on the same channel ; or
(b) the proximity of devices like printers (which emit loads of RF radiation) to your router.

Your new router will probably operate on a different channel to your old one, so your problem may well solve itself. Otherwise you'll need to access the router's settings to change the channel yourself. If you don't know how to do that (and you've lost the manual which tells you), we'll need to know the make of the router in order to assist you.

We had the same problem - It was solved by moving the telephone which was close to the router. We find them ok - only problem we have is if the farmer cuts through the telephone cable when ploughing the field at the top of our road. This has happened every year for the last 3/4 years. We are hoping that they have solved that problem for this year. :-)

Talk Talk seem to have the best download speed for our area according to the test we did online.

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