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commoner | 09:19 Thu 19th May 2011 | Computers
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Hi...please advise ...I have Internet from Orange using a Speed touch USB connected modem....they have now supplied me with a wireless modem and CD. If I want to change modems (using an ethernet cable. supplied). Would I have to uninstall the Speed touch first or just go ahead with the new installation?

I am intending buying a laptop hence the wireless modem....would the Laptop automatically find the new modem or is some sort of black magic involved.......?

I'm fairly happy around computers but new stuff spooks me some...

Thanks for any advice you can offer....



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All I can tell you is that when I've had a router/modem fail, I just replaced it. IIRC it all worked ok wiithout problem.
It's all black magic.

though to get round the magic, you'd be best off uninstalling the USB modem software, then you'll have to make sure the new router is setup OK (the installation CD will do this for you) then connect to the router using the ethernet cable and job done.
OH, and for the laptop, you'd just search for wireless networks, double click on yours. enter the security key provided with the router when prompted and again, job done.
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Thanks guys...will sleep on it a while then go for it...;-)


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