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Ravel Morrison

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drmorgans | 17:03 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Sport
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Found guilty of using a Blue Badge which he bought from "someone at Old Trafford".

He's a charmer. 2011: admitted charges of witness intimidation. Assault charges withdrawn but found guilty of causing criminal damage. 2012: found guilty by the FA of making homophobic threats.




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Nasty man

As if they are not overpaid. Scum

Question Author


Not sure what he's paid has much to do with it, just means he can afford better barristers and doesn't get sent to prison.


Are we surprised?

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If you mean, are we surprised that a professional footballer does something as scummy as this, then yes I am.




Pofessional footballers are, er, um, er,  far from the um, er, er, brightest in the pack.


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But it doesn't mean that they're thugs.


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Ravel Morrison

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