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ichkeria | 17:47 Tue 07th Nov 2023 | Sport
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Glenn Maxwell

Did anyone see it?




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Yep. The first ever timed out batsman, in the limited over game, in the World. The batsman only has 2 minutes to take his crease and be ready to recieve a delivery. After that the bowler can bowl at the wicket. Must say I did not know the rule. Apparently Mathews went out with the wrong helmet and was trying to work out what was wrong. He did fling the offending article at the barrier as he walked off. Felt a bit sorry for him but it is up to him to make sure he has the right kit. 

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However that's not what I was on about.

The greatest ODI innings ever by a man who couldn't walk? I did feel for Afghanistan but their fielding was poor when it mattered 

Got my Mathews mixed up with my Maxwells there Ichy. We watched the playback when we came back in. Australia looked doomed when we went out, on something like 80 for 6. We have been supporting Afghanistan, in the absense of an Enlish side, for the last 3 weeks. "She who must be obeyed" is miffed. She loves the cricket and has no love for the Australian side after previous shenanigans.  

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I wanted Afghanistan to win, but you have to hand it to Maxwell. He led a charmed life early on but took full advantage, as often happens. I had to turn the sound off at one point as I was working, and I looked up and he was lying flat on the ground apparently in agony. Very surreal.

Haha. Ahh well. Can Afghanistan still qualify for the semi's do you know. They all went mental after beating Pakistan, what with the events currently happening out there, including Trott.

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I don't think so sadly 

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Well actually looking at it they can: they might need favours from England and Sri Lanka but if the beat S Africa who knows 

I had looked for myself after asking Ichy. It is between New Zealand, Pakistan and Afghanistan for the 4th slot. If they need a favour from England to get there, then they will not. England couldn't beat an egg. 

isn't that what they need - England to do really really badly, so badly it defies the laws of mathematics?

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