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Mary Earp's Goalkeeper Shirt Debacle, Will Nike Regret It?

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barney15c | 18:26 Thu 17th Aug 2023 | Sport
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Regarding Mary Earp's goalie shirt issue and the lack of them being available for sale to fans. Mary Earp's brought this up with Nike and got nowhere. I bet now that we are in the final they will be scrambling to get the shirts out, especially if we win. Doesn't that show you the hypocrisy of big business that they fall all over themselves on the back of a teams success but dismiss you when you are trying to work your way up. I'm glad it will spark demand but disgusted it took us to get to a WC final before Nike would act on it. They could have sold thousands of the shirt but no they have been caught on the hop and i hope very embarrassed.


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Apparently a major bookie has stepped in to finance last-minute production to start a bun fight and it's ok Coral.
Wow. Maybe they should change their sponsor ?
I've heard they are going to make a Wyatt one for her.
can't see you in an Mary Earp shirt, barney, even allowing for her boob size.
If there's a way of now stopping Nike having anything to do with them and instead letting Adidas (or similar) do them, that's what should happen.
I think it's out of her hands now!
Business decision, goal keeper shirts rarely sell well in the merchandising arising from men's football. It's strikers, and star midfielders who sell shirts. The womens game hasnt been around long enough at this high a level by comparison for the companies to realise the sales pattern would be different.
It won't happen next major tournament lessons will have been learned

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Mary Earp's Goalkeeper Shirt Debacle, Will Nike Regret It?

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