Horror Crash At Silverstone

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FatticusInch | 14:31 Sun 03rd Jul 2022 | Sport
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Looked innocuous at first, the images near the end of the video show how tragedy was avoided.
Good luck to Lewis and all the Brits in the main event that follows shortly.


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Wow !!
Like you said, it didn't look too bad at first, but without a doubt the driver wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for the halo device.
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A horror crash in the F1 race too, disaster narrowly averted, car cleared the tyre wall.
All drivers safe, thankfully.
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Fair play to George Russell, straight out of the car and running over to Guanzyou.
Very, very lucky driver.
That was incredible, thankfully a wonderful escape for both drivers - well done to the designers and engineers of the halo.

It appears that it all started when Nissany's car first left the track and that when he rejoined the race there was a collision with Hauger's car pushing the latter off the track. As Hauger returned to the track on the bend I was incredulous that the car landed on top of Nissany's car - as though drawn by a magnet. Amazing.
Scary! Glad no one was hurt.
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Not a follow on to the main OP but what a race at Silverstone, especially the last 10 laps.

Spoiler alert if you’re watching highlights later.

Pleased for Sainz, supposedly one of the nicest guys on the grid.
Brilliant drive from Hamilton to get a podium. A good end to the day after such drama at the start, everyone going home safely.
why dont they ride bicycles
( wiv thx to Marie Antoinette)
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Brilliant race - they should have three or four GPs at Silverstone each year instead of some of the glorified parades around Monaco and other 'street circuits'.

halo is used to immobilise the head AFTER the neck has been broken and I think there is 'naming blur' so something before
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Good luck to Everyone, wishing them all a speedy recovery.
Shows just how insensitive those people are. They couldn't have known, at that stage, what the outcome of the crash was.
A virtue signal too far from Hamilton?
He defended the protestors. As did Lineker but I wouldn't expect much from him.

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Horror Crash At Silverstone

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