Knighthood - Why Not ?

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Bazile | 18:52 Mon 04th Nov 2019 | Sport
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Here is a list of people who have been made a knight / Dame

Irrespective of what you think about the honours system - if those on the list warrant / deserve their honour ; is there any reason why Lewis Hamilton should not join them in the NY list ?


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Born black, poor background, parents struggled to support him,six times World Champion.......YES......he should be in line as you suggested in your OP.
Why not? Probably the shame reashon Connery didn’t get one.
Arise Sir Cuit of the Americas.
Question Author
''Born black,''

Are you sure sqad ?
Six time World F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton would be just as deserving as many on any of those lists. He had only one title to his name when being awarded the MBE in 2009. He's won another five since.
What do you think Baz, he was made to sleep in the coal cellar as a child?
should be when he retires, as with the others too.....they dole them out like World or Olympic gold medals - let the athlete bask in the glow of what they have achieved and then let them take the Sir/Dame when they finish their career.

The biggest scandal for not giving one out surely is Surtees, the only ever F1 and Motorbikes World Champion - and then the work he has done for charity.
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I have heard it said that the reason he hasn't so far is because of his lifestyle .

I say if he chooses to be in the public eye more so than others - then so what - why should he keep a low profile if that isn't him ?
They don't 'dole out' Olympic medals. Poor choice of words from fan of words :-/
Though i won't argue with your case for John Surtees.
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//What do you think Baz, he was made to sleep in the coal cellar as a child?//

To me black would be , born to parents who are both black ?
Hamilton has specifically stated that he will NEVER accept any Honour! The recipients MUST agree to accept an Honour before it can be made public or even offered to them !!
Poor background,parents struggled to support him? Really. I came from a poor background and hd to build my own box cart.
He gets started off as a kid in Go-kart racing. when I was a kid a motorised Go-kart would of been my fathers annual wage to buy.
Where on Earth did you get that little nugget of info from? I've Googled and all i can find is entries where he says he would be honoured (no pun intended) to be made a knight. He has already accepted an honour - the MBE.
"Hamilton has specifically stated that he will NEVER accept any Honour!"

Good for him!
"When i was a kid....." Back to the 'Four Yorkshiremen' sketch :-)
Your world view may be seen as less than mainstream, Baz. :-)
Baz did not have any coal holes in that part of Stevenage where he was born.
In the world of Sport can there ever an easier sport to be world champion than Formula One. You only compete against around another 11 teams
Compare this to Wimbledon tennis where you are against another 127.
Do tennis players risk death or serious injuries every time they play?
You do realise John Surtees is deceased.

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Knighthood - Why Not ?

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