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Who Will Win The World Cup?

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AB Editor | 09:02 Wed 02nd Jul 2014 | Sport
22 Answers

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  • Germany - 88 votes
  • 31%
  • Brazil - 60 votes
  • 21%
  • Netherlands - 53 votes
  • 19%
  • Argentina - 38 votes
  • 13%
  • Belgium - 17 votes
  • 6%
  • Colombia - 11 votes
  • 4%
  • France - 11 votes
  • 4%
  • Costa Rica - 6 votes
  • 2%

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I'm hoping France, purely because I start my hols there the day before the final and I'd like to experience being in a country when it actually wins the World Cup.

Fingers crossed!
Odd, my vote hasn't registered!
Question Author
It's still Brazil's to lose - but I would like to see a Belgian or Netherlands victory.
Question Author
Stats until: 09:07 Wed 02nd Jul 2014 (Refreshed every 5 minutes)
Mine didn't register either or not yet anyway.
Question Author
Refreshed every 5 minutes
Colombia have impressed me
Ed, you ought to give us another option for "who cares"...... or more politely "dunno, we're not following it".
Belgium are playing some lovely football - I just hope they stuff the cynical, violent, cheating Argentinians.

But my head says Germany can 'win ugly' and may just do so.
Question Author
"Ed, you ought to give us another option for "who cares"...... or more politely "dunno, we're not following it"."

Why would you want to answer something you're not interested in?

"But my head says Germany can 'win ugly' and may just do so."

True. They should have won last time, this time they are a touch too brutish for it to feel truly deserved.

And yes, if the Belgians could win against Argentina I would be overjoyed.
Please count this as one vote for "don't know"
After what I watched last evening my expert eye say's Belgium
What is MY prize if they do win ,I vote Editor puts his hand in his pocket and well surprise me.
Cheers guy's In A Mo
I agree Ed needs to cough up
Are you going to offer a similar poll for Wimbledon, Ed? That's more significant to some of us than the footie (please) :-)
Personally i hope the cynical, violent, cheating Argentinians win it, meeting and beating Brazil in the final and Messi being awarded the Golden Boot. My bank account will benefit greatly should that happen - just as it as throughout the tournament.

And i wouldn't hold my breath on Belgium repeating their all-out attack strategy when they meet Argentina. The only reason they used those tactics last night is because they knew the Yanks were there for the taking and are very naive in defence. They'll be far too busy putting the shackles on Messi.
Same as Ken, my pocket says Argentina
I won't go into the Tennis room Boxie, if you stay out of the football lounge.

Who do I want to win or who do I think will win?

Well.....maybe it is the same answer this year and for me its Columbia. They are strong and confident where as the rest are either lucky/over rated or both.

At this rate Germany no doubt.
Germany Netherlands final would be ideal, FIFA so wanted a South American final!
Dear Ed

I voted Brazil.

Can I change my mind please?

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Who Will Win The World Cup?

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