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Andy Is On

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murraymints | 13:23 Wed 02nd Jul 2014 | Sport
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BBC 1 about to start.....I'm sooo excited, come on my son !


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BBC 2...sorry I'm all amuddle
It might switch over too BBC1 later...

I'll have to stick to text updates for now, sadly!
I'm waiting to see whether he is 'British Winner Andy' or 'Scottish Loser Andy' by the end of the afternoon ....
Question Author
Hmmm ye of little faith !

Do you mean the Scotsman who will support whoever is playing England?
Question Author
Oh baldric, it was said in jest !

I think he/his team claimed it was said in just when he/they realised the impact it had!
Andy Stewart I liked him dooooooonaldy wre is you trousers
He was being teased at the time by English people about the fact that Scotland wasn't in the World Cup. It's called a joke. Grow up.

Dimitrov breaks early on...
Did Demi play for spurs wanst
I saw the programme, it WAS said in jest.
-- answer removed --
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Nooo quick have a swig of irn bru !
-- answer removed --

Jim 360 Have you never heard of 'Tongue in Cheek' Lighten Up!
It's the internet, you can never tell. First set Dimitrov, anyway, in some speed. Erk.

Meant to add it's called 'Teasing' which is not totally unknown between MM and myself!
Question Author
Balders you know I luvs ya ! Xx

Crossed posts
///It's the internet, you can never tell.///
If in doubt, why insult?
Andy better get his head straightened or it will be a straight sets defeat.

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Andy Is On

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