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Alex Ferguson's ludicrous imagination

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joggerjayne | 09:18 Tue 06th Jul 2010 | Football
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Alex Ferguson says on the News today ... Wayne Rooney will perform well at the next World Cup.

Forgive me, but ...

Is this the same Alex Ferguson who squeezed every last minute out of Wayne, even when he was out of shape at the end of the season?

The same Alex Ferguson who showed no interest whatsoever in keeping England's star striker fit for England duty?

Well, Mr Ferguson ... if you, or anyone like you, is Wayne's manager in 4 years time, Wayne will, once again, be tired and unfit for the World Cup.

And, thanks to managers like Mr Ferguson, England will, once again, be rubbish.

Rant over.


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great rant JJ - yr right of course - keep em coming !

and belated congrats to you on the retention of fabio - even though we dont quite agree on that one !
Okay then drop Rooney then see where the shower of $hite get
rooneys playing alongside better players at man utd,anyway,man utd fans couldnt give a monkeys about england,Stop believing all the hype in the press before all these major tournaments.the bookies had england 3rd favourites to win the world cup.whats all that about?Beckenbaur was right in everything he said.

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Alex Ferguson's ludicrous imagination

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