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Alex Ferguson's ludicrous imagination

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joggerjayne | 09:18 Tue 06th Jul 2010 | Football
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Alex Ferguson says on the News today ... Wayne Rooney will perform well at the next World Cup.

Forgive me, but ...

Is this the same Alex Ferguson who squeezed every last minute out of Wayne, even when he was out of shape at the end of the season?

The same Alex Ferguson who showed no interest whatsoever in keeping England's star striker fit for England duty?

Well, Mr Ferguson ... if you, or anyone like you, is Wayne's manager in 4 years time, Wayne will, once again, be tired and unfit for the World Cup.

And, thanks to managers like Mr Ferguson, England will, once again, be rubbish.

Rant over.


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my post was TIC JJ, your sentence just summed Rooney up very accurately!
The England team also failed to prosper when the Man Utd players made up the core of the squad.

I can't remember what excuses were trotted out on 'those' occasions.
He couldn't and didn't 'screw' 45 minutes out of him though.
"England will never be a top international team, so let's stop worrying about it. "

... you first!
I think that in Ferguson's head he is of the opinion that a half-fit Rooney is a better option than a fully-fit striker of lesser quality
Question Author
Didn't he, Mick?

I hate it when I make a point, and then it turns out I'm wrong.

I agree with you there, JJ.......Ferguson was adamant to play Rooney at all costs as Berbatov was doing nothing as usual, and he was desperate for the title, so he played and risked an unfit Rooney for his gains, knowing that his injury was not at all healed.............if he was rested MAYBE would have got better out of him........all academic now though eh? x
Question Author
jno ...

I can't get enthusiastic about something at which we are rubbish ...

(I know, I know ... ironic, coming from a Brighton follower)

But ... the England Netball team are consistently in the top 4 in the World. Maybe they need a bit more prominence. Then, perhaps, the footballers will sit up and take notice, if everyone starts to follow Netball instead.
I reckon if we made up a team of AB'ers to have faced Algeria. we would have given them a run for their money.............especially with bobbisox ear bashing them all throughout the game........JJ, you'll be on the wing, joe luke in midfield, jno in defence, jack the hat super striker, the bear at the back ( just where i like ) xx
No he didn't JJ. Rooney never played well for England or Man U after the injury.

silly statement jno.
Question Author
I'd be fine on the wing.

They could pass me a vodka + tonic from the stands.
MickT will be in goal btw :0)
o no.................That's it i'm outta here. JJ ......aww never mind :0(

Question Author
Mick ...

Until you've seen a SuperLeague Netball match, you would never believe how fast the game is.

The World Netball Series 2010 is on in Liverpool in November. I hope it gets good telly coverage.
Question Author
ps. England are ranked 3rd in the World (currently), and we live up to our ranking.
netball, huh?......woman jumping up in skimpy outfits?.........count me in.

Have a lovely day JJ and all of for a swim and a late and peas

yoges xxx
Question Author
LOL ... Yogi, you perv! (but pervy in a nice way, of course).

Watching Netball, at least you are not always disappointed. We do actually win !
its simple - Sir Alex is the finest manager the premiership has ever had and Rooney is the only world class player England have. The rest of us sit at our keyboards and moan

How many 'world class' moments did Rooney show us in the 4 games he played in the World Cup?

No, I can't remember any either
Question Author

Wayne is not "the only world class player England have"

He's "the a world class player MAN UTD have"

He does not play world class for England.

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Alex Ferguson's ludicrous imagination

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