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Alex Ferguson's ludicrous imagination

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joggerjayne | 09:18 Tue 06th Jul 2010 | Football
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Alex Ferguson says on the News today ... Wayne Rooney will perform well at the next World Cup.

Forgive me, but ...

Is this the same Alex Ferguson who squeezed every last minute out of Wayne, even when he was out of shape at the end of the season?

The same Alex Ferguson who showed no interest whatsoever in keeping England's star striker fit for England duty?

Well, Mr Ferguson ... if you, or anyone like you, is Wayne's manager in 4 years time, Wayne will, once again, be tired and unfit for the World Cup.

And, thanks to managers like Mr Ferguson, England will, once again, be rubbish.

Rant over.


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Even if Rooney had have shone at the world cup he was surrounded by other equally out-of-sorts (for whatever reasons) players.

How do other nations resolve the club/country dilemma ?
The FA should send a delegation over to Germany to find how the German FA deal with the problem as they always come up trumps when Major Competitions come around.......
I ranted about this before the world cup.
Rooney is an idiot for playing for Man u whilst injured.
The England manager is an idiot for playing him too.
Question Author
Well, just as one example ... in Germany, all the clubs had to play last season with the ball that was used in the World Cup.

We turned up and whinged about the ball ... but the Germans had been playing with it for a year.

I know that the FA were tied in with some deal to us a different ball, but ... why did they commit themselves to such a ridiculous arrangement when there was a World Cup coming up, and the World Cup ball had not yet been chosen?

Plus ... we are so "proud" of the fact that the Premier League is the "best in the World" ...

... but that means that the desire to finish in the top 4 is much stronger than the desire to suppply players for the England team.

I think we need to accept that the League matters, and the national team does not.

As things are, England will never be a top international team, so let's stop worrying about it.

England's "15 minutes of fame" happened 44 years ago.

Now, instead, we have people like Mr Ferguson.
Ferguson has one job and one job only.
That is to make Manchester United the most successful club in England (and the world). This is the club which pays his salary..............
He is single-minded in this pursuit, as he ought to be.
That it can be to the detriment of the England side is, for many reasons, of precious little concern to him.
It's a German ball.
Sp let me get this straight, You expect a Scot who manages one of the top three teams in the world and therefore has immense pressure on him to deliver each year to be more concerned with another countries player than his own team delivering?

Serious question, are you mental?
He risked Wayne Rooneys whole career in persuit of his asperations of making Manchester United the most successful club in England.
Rooney was daft enough to let him.
Question Author
Jack ...

I accept that.

So Mr Ferguson should stop pretending that "his" players will be there for England next time around.

He should be honest, and say ...

... "the England team is not my concern, nor the concern of my players"
JJ - That is precisely the way that he conducts himself now.........
He believed that a hurried-back-from-injury Rooney was worth playing in an attempt to secure the Premiership title.
Seeing as Rooney then had the closed-season to recover in time for the 2010-2011 season, it was a chance Fergie was prepared to take.
That the World Cup Finals took place during this time is neither here nor there to Fergie.....
Morning JJ and all

I love the smell of a quality rant in the
Get it off your chest, young lady xx
Also really funny statistic.
Rooney was THE worst player at the world cup! FACT!
in terms of which player lost the ball the most

step forward Rooney Rooney Rooney!!!!
Im sure Nike and Adidas will still fight for his signature! im sure hes bothered!
And if Man U feel they have to hurry 1 player back from injury to have a chance of glory then it show they are on the decline. What happened to strength in depth?
Ferguson will probably complain that Rooney is not fully fit when the new season starts in 5½ weeks time because of the World Cup
True ^
Rooney ( and Gerrard ) pulled out of an event at the O2 that my son was going too on sat week, so he's not well regarded as far as the bear family's concerned at present.

He was worried people might boo him..............funny cos Ronaldo, Drogba, Kaka, David Villa, Cesc Fabregas and more were'nt eh?

So d the fans............."i want my holiday now and i'll sulk there that i played complete pants during the whole tournament and am nothing but an overpaid egotistical t w a t who deep down, does'nt give a monkeys about letting fans down, as used to it now".
Question Author
Sorry, Yogi ... it was a bit of a rant.

I just heard it on the radio this morning, and thought ...

" OMG, you two faced, Scottish little t!t "

He's trying to suggest that he will supply the players who will secure England's glory in Brazil.

How dare he !!!!

The little pr!ck was instrumental in sabotaging England's prospects in S Africa.

Grrrrrr !!!!!!
I thought England would win the world cup because Terry and gerrard said they like to play away from home.
"The little pr!ck was instrumental in sabotaging England's prospects in S Africa"

Are you referring to Ferguson...........or Rooney?
Question Author
Ferguson, Joe.

When Rooney was not fit enough to play 90 minutes late in the season, Ferguson though ...

... "Hey ho, I can screw about 45 minutes out of him" (and leave him wrecked).

(okay, maybe he didn't do the "hey ho" bit)

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Alex Ferguson's ludicrous imagination

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