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Question about the penalty shoot-out.

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osprey | 13:44 Sun 04th Jul 2010 | Football
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In a penalty shoot-out, if a goalie deflects the ball onto the post and it bounces along the line and is about to cross the line for a goal then I understand that he is allowed to make a SECOND attempt to stop the ball. Why is this allowable but the person taking the penalty cannot make another attempt to score if the ball rebonds to him from the post after the goalie makes a save? This is totally unfair. If the kicker isn't allowed to kick the ball a second time then the goalie shouldn't be allowed to make TWO saves.


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It's just one save in two parts.

Penalty shoot-outs do not follow the same set of rules as a penalty kick in a game. Therefore, the taker kicks the ball once (With no rebounds) and the goalie can take as many attempts to save the ball.

In a match, the taker can only kick the ball again after another player has touched the ball.
Does that include the goalie Judge?
Yes, once the goalkeeper has touched the ball the penalty taker is allowed to kick/head it again, however if the ball rebounds back to the penalty taker from the post or crossbar (without the goalkeeper having touched it) then he is not allowed to touch it until after another player has
Question Author
Thanks for all yor responses, however none of you has answered the last sentence in my question, so 'll ask it again - if the kicker isn't allowed to kick the ball a second time then WHY should the goalie be allowed to make a second save in the manner I described? This is totally unfair .
How is it unfair? What about if the ball hits the goalies foot and then flicks up into the air and is spinning towards the net? The way you are thinking he would not be able to make any attempt to stop the ball going in
In your example the person taking the penalty can kick the ball a second time.
Surely as long as the keeper prevents the ball crossing the line then it doesn't matter how many times he touches it. To allow a player to score from a rebound would be silly.
it is a penalty "kick" not a penalty save
Question Author
Thanks for the further replies. I would like to comment on the replies: in the manner I described the ball didn't hit the goalie's foot so I wouldn't have a problem with that UNLESS it was a DELIBERATE attempt by the goalie to use his foot to save the ball; according to the rules, the kicker wouldn't be allowed a second kick of the ball; why would allowing a player to try and score from a rebound be silly? and finally, it ISN'T a penalty kick as in normal play it is a penalty shoot-out so normal rules don't apply and that should be for both participants - the kicker and the goalie.
I suggest you give up on this one and accept the existing rules.

The first answer, from Count AS, is probably the best.

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Question about the penalty shoot-out.

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