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Lie-in King | 13:52 Fri 26th Oct 2018 | Football
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Hello, fellow Managers! Our previous thread is due to expire on Sunday, so this one is to keep us showing in Latest Posts - the last one is here -

Well done Togo, still making all the right choices! I, on the other hand, only seem able to rack up appearance points of late... Ah well, try again this weekend - Game Week 12 - which looks like this -

Sat - 6 matches, 1st kick-off 3:00
Sun - 3 matches, 1st kick-off 1:30
Mon - 1 evening match, kick-off 8:00

I hope everyone has a good weekend - be well :-))

It's fair to say the crowd booed them off at half-time and then I booed them into the dressing room
Dave Jones


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Subscribed LiK. Looks like most of the action is going top be Sunday and Monday again, and Sundays for a couple of weeks afterwards. Mare trying to find a Captain that is an asset rather than a liability.

"Neither team has really taken the baton by the scruff of the neck and put their stamp on it" - Nigel Worthington.
Mini reshuffle done for tomorrow, hope to climb a rung or three.
Question Author
Afternoon all - a reminder of the weekend's schedule (Game Week 13) -

Sat - 7 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sun - 2 matches, 1st kick-off 3:00
Mon - 1 match, evening kick-off 8:00

I had a slightly better showing last weekend, but still need certain players to get their acts together - at least both my teams are injury-free this week.

I hope everyone has a good weekend - be well :-)

What I said to them at half-time would be unprintable on the radio
Gerry Francis
Hi Li.I.K. With so many of my key players rested and under-performing its of little surprise how fast I've slipped down the table... and other teams obviously doing so well.
I've purposely made a few changes even though knowing the players dropped will pick up their game and get an hat-trick each.

I'm going to make a prediction - it could go either way.
Big Ron
Think I will sit on my hands for Saturday but it leaves me in the position of choosing defenders as captains. Now I know that I reaped a hatful of points not long back 36, I think it was with a full back but that is a rare event. Note to self...…….be patient.

“No one wants to be a fullback as a kid… no one wants to grow up to be a Gary Neville.”
Jamie Carragher.

I'm pleased you're doing well Togo (No digs at Stoke) but with you not feeling tied to a club surely makes a big difference... and choosing wisely I might add. good luck and to all.

Also pleased of your quote I have trouble understanding Jamie Carragher. no disrespect... ;-)
What's this all about then? What's this Fantasy Football thing?
In fairness Arks, Neville took it with a laugh himself. Carragher said it on Sky when they were doing the analysis thing side by side with the playback screen and the playback and edit gizmos.

Sky Fantasy Football Tills. You join the Sky set up and AB has it's own League.
Tilly, you basically pick eleven players from any English premier league club with a budget of £100.00 so cant select everyone you want. and as the players perform on that weekend/game week you acquire points to your own personal team. its that simple its just fun... here a link to L.I.Ks original thread you're still welcome to join any time.
0... where did you go... £100,000.
£1,000,000. Arks. But it is not enough. :((
It never is but I'm greedy.. I thank you tough... thats the no.

I think I saw that with them last season Togo.
Question Author
^ Actually £100m but still not enough :-)

Hi all! A reminder of this weekend's schedule (Game Week 14) so you can get your Captains sorted out & check the injury list just in case -

Saturday - 6 matches, 1st kick-off at 12:30
Sunday - 4 matches, 1st kick-off at 12:00

Sunday looks to have the "bigger" games, but I think Saturday could prove interesting... Ok, *I want* it to be just that... ;-)

I hope everyone has a good weekend & enjoys whatever they're doing - be well :-)
Look.. all i can say is.. Someone has to come last, right?

If ya gonnie do it ya may as well do it twice

Sweating on one or two injuries after the European exertions. I know of whom you speak LiK , at least the pitch should be better and even have the correct lines marked out. (^_*)

"Foopball is a tuough game but it is a pity you canot win by hacking everybode. You hav to be nippy."
Nigel Molesworth.
One of my bunch of duffers is heading down to help you prop things up Spath.
My luck has surly got to turn around soon, Sunday definitely has the better fixtures but with the Manchester derby I fear for the worst with my teams.
AnswerBank Fantasy Football League table 12/11/18:
Question Author
Just seen this, thanks for that, Arky :-)

Yet another dire weekend for my teams, only 3 from 22 players made double figures in points. Yet another rethink ahead, I feel...
Thank you Mamy :) It is a team game u know ;)

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