Answerbank Fantasy Football League Table 12/11/18.

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Arksided | 15:46 Mon 12th Nov 2018 | Football
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Hi All, International Break time again so here's a look at our standings. It's been the worst weekend for one of my teams so far with five players not fielded and only one was deemed doubtful (Pogba) I thought it might be Jose trying mind games, hope you all shuffled a bit better.

AnswerBank Fantasy Football League table 12/11/18:

1. Kneel Jung XI... 879
2. Freudyenoord... 870
3. Nut Nut's Nut... 821
4. PottersBarred... 785
5. Robs Robbers 1st XI... 766
6. Wordsley Baggies FC... 749
7. Drawnablank... 748
8. MightyWBA... 738
9. Half-Time Meds... 732
10. Fokwitz... 698
11. Hugo Mugget! ...691
12. Lie-in Too... 676
14. Lie-in United... 657
15. Anything goes... 653
16. Trident Dribblers... 634
17. Buddy's Boys... 625
18. AB Towers... 607
19. lLitherland utd... 557
20. Mam City... 555
21. Bring yer boots... 528
22. Carrot And Booze... 502
23. Ford rovers... 500
24. Voltys boys... 426
25. Steam Mops Utd... 422
26. I'm Not Athletic... 377
27. Strong Berrys... 345
28. Spathys Brute... 325

Bit of a gap opening up from the top two but long, long, long way to go still.
Well hope your players manage to get through the Internationals unscathed and Good luck when we resume 'real' football ;-)


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Hi Arks, somehow missed this at earlier in the month. Only found it looking if there was an updated AB FF thread. Thanks for your efforts in putting it together, nevertheless.
Question Author
No problem Togo, after the weekend just gone there has been quite a bit of shifting around further down our league for us lesser mortals still looking up at you at those heady heights ;-)
Perhaps Lie-in King is waiting for a better date so it doesn't need a new one at a inconvenient day during Christmas week.
That is exactly what I surmised Arks. If LiK waits until later in the week it takes us nicely up to New Year. He's not daft ya know. :))
You had a good week anyway Arks. Suspect that your loyalty to a certain team has been aheeem tested then?
Question Author
All well thank you, a last minute grasp this evening to secure us in the knockout stages... the game (I use that term very loosely) was yet another P*** poor showing. Its becoming not only disappointing to watch them but embarrassing as I know those players (even price tag and wages aside) can actually play... With all their success, history and world-wide fan base... Manchester United FC will never be bigger or able to beat that nobs ego.
Nice to get one team to sneak into the top ten, my other duffers need a good sorting out.
I recon he's lost the dressing room, Arky.
Question Author
Hi Mamya, Half time meds have moved up a place over the weekend are in Eighth, whilst your duffers remain in twentieth.
Not going to do full league ... too bloomin' lazy

Edited look: 27.11.18...

7. MightyWBA... 793 (Mighty)
8. Half-Time Meds... 792 (Mamya)
9. Wordsley Baggies FC... 781 (Mighty)
10. Hugo Mugget! ...766 (Ark)
11. Fokwitz... 740 (Rowan)
12. Trident Dribblers...724 (Ark)
13. Lie-in Too... 722
14. Lie-in United... 720

Looks like you're in a Mighty sandwich Mamya ;-)
Could be worse eh?;-)
Question Author
Hiya Mr.AV yes 100% agree, I can't recall Big Ron, SAF, Moyes, or LVG ever doing their dirty laundry in public and humiliating the players... gone on far too long now.
Question Author
I know poor Rowan... bless. Lol seriously only just noticed ha-ha.
Question Author
Direct link to Lie-in Kings' general chat, questions, waffle and banter thread...

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Answerbank Fantasy Football League Table 12/11/18.

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