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Fantasy Football Continued...

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Lie-in King | 11:47 Fri 09th Sep 2016 | Football
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Hello all - a follow-on thread to keep answers showing in LP. The original thread is here -

and the most recent thread is here -

This is the Injuries/Suspensions link -

I hope everyone has either sorted their weekend changes (if they had any to make!) or are preparing to do so before kick-off tomorrow.

Happy managing! :-)

It's not always plain sailing, especially when you're flying
Brendan Rodgers


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Hi all, a good weekend for my players moving up into seventh especially as I didn't have the opportunity to change them or my captain. I'm quietly pleased about that, even though United lost on Saturday.

Luis Suarez has been talking in Uruguayan
Kevin Keegan
Question Author
Hi from me too - up to 8th for one team after a good game from my captain, the other lot are still languishing near the bottom. Am considering wholesale changes...

Some refereeing decisions going the other way (the right way, I mean!) would have made a bigger difference.

It's pouring down and the ref is enjoying his moment in the sun
Adrian Chiles
Question Author
Sorry, up to 9th - I blame the heat...
Well I made changers but to no avail. I may have been no worse off by leaving the non players in. Making a meal of it. Time for a real rethink.

'We had a lovely meal. Lovely. We had a big steak with all the tarnishings.'

Ivor Powell Bradford City.
It was a good good call on my part to make Costa Captain knowing that Aguiro was out.

[i] I don't blame the referee's for poor decision making but Mark Clattenburg is a nobhead... it says so on his tattoo's. red card penalty ***!! [i]
Dick-W-a-d is in the AB filter, and there was me being polite.
Well I'm quite amazed with the United players in my team (and the way they're playing) that I'm up to fourth others are making up for lost time.

Sandro's holding his face. You can tell from that it's a knee injury.
Dion Dublin
Well a few more tweaks were needed for tomorrows 12:30 Kick-off deadline.
Hope I have a settled team now especially with injuries this early.

Good luck all hope its a good weekend.

Rome wasn't built in a day but I wasn't on that particular job.
Brian Clough
Question Author
One midfield change, else leaving the teams as they are, hoping for an upturn in form.

To fix the rut they'll need to take two steps backwards, to take one step forward
Paul Merson
More tweaking to one team. I put Nolito in last week to replace a banned player.........and he got sent off. When I pick em they either get injured or sent off within a fortnight. I am open to bribes if you need to keep a point scoring player on the pitch.

“The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.”
Phil Woosnam Welsh player and manager.
I finally lost faith and dropped Rooney last night and so has Jose'.
Question Author
Good grief...

More dire performances from the lot of them. Note to self - "Stop playing football, start playing hardball".

Neither team has really taken the baton by the scruff of the neck and put their stamp on it
Nigel Worthington

I had nobody playing on Sunday (as it were) so on a whim made Charlie Austin Captain for both teams. A gamble paid off 3rd and 4th. I don't think I'll be there too long but makes a nice change to have both teams looking healthy in the top ten.

If he wants to play on his own, he can go and play tennis.
Louis van Gaal
I'm sure you're all aware but thought I'd flag up that it's Friday night football again this week. Everton v Crystal Palace KO is at eight.

Every disadvantage has got its advantage.
Johan Cruyff
Question Author
Ta Arky, I'd forgotten - I've not got anyone from those teams in mine, so I can hold off until the morning. I really need someone to start showing some form...

It was goalposts for jumpers[i
Tony Mowbray

[i]Whoops! It's a fair cop, but society's to blame]
Sam Allardyce (probably...)
Well my teams are a bit like the curate's egg at the moment. Twyford Shiners quietly going down the pan, and Game of Thongs only showing flashes of promise. Last night I did put in Benteke and Lukaku who both scored rather than getting red carded or breaking their necks(Lukaku as Captain) :)) A long break after this weekend again so need to improve standings before then, tweaks are in order. Replacing last night's points scorers may be effective.

'I think I have the best side I've ever had now. We've a nice blend of old 'uns and youngsters. I think I've got the mucus of a good team.'
Dick Duckworth Scunthorpe Manager 1962.  Wouldn't get a job managing now, with a name like that.
Direct link to the latest League table 3.10.16:
Question Author
Cheers for that Arky - a bit better from my lot this weekend.

If it's ok with everyone, I'll restart this thread (& ask for re-stickying) on the 14th as there are no games until the 15th.

Football's all about yesterday, it's all about now
Paul Merson
No problem Lie-in king, it occurred to me that some might not venture into football section but have subscribed to this thread, which BTW waiting until after the break makes sense to me.

If you closed your eyes, you couldn't tell the difference between the two sides
Phil Brown

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Fantasy Football Continued...

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