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Lie-in King | 12:12 Fri 08th Nov 2019 | Football
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Hi everyone - this is our new thread, as the last one will stop registering in Latest Posts on Sunday - that thread is here -

It's occurred to me that more regular reminders of the sites to check injuries/suspensions & other team news might be welcome, so -

I've noticed that the other one I gave at the start of the season has changed its format & address - PhysioRoom is now at -

When there, don't bother clicking the green "More" by each team, that gives a pop-up to ask about creating an account. To check a team, just click over the name on the left - click there again to close.

The info in those sites isn't definitive & can change right up to the start of a match, but they can be very useful.

We're up to Game Week 14 & the schedule looks like this -

Fri 8th - 1 evening match, kick-off 8:00
Sat 9th - 6 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sun 10th - 3 matches, 1st kick-off 2:00

I'll post reminders & weekly schedules over the next month as usual.

I hope you have a great weekend - be well, all :-)


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Hi, Lie-in King, No apology necessary, It seems as though you've being busy scouting ;-)

AnswerBank Fantasy Football Latest League dated 06.11.19:
Question Author
Reminder of this evening's kick-off at 8:00 -

Norwich v Watford

If you've a player from either team, might as well make them Captain - you can select your Captains for the weekend at the same time or pick them before the first kick-off each day.

Arky - ta for that! :-)
Ta, done a swap for a wounded defender and sorted captains.

Ta Arky, I must do better.
Question Author
Reminder that today's 1st kick-off is at 12:30...
Question Author
^ Last reminder for today... ^
Question Author
Reminder of today's 1st kick-off - 2:00...
Well United have beaten Chelsea twice this this season so far ;-) and yet lose to Bournemouth so still 50/50 in my eyes against the mighty Brighton & Hove. I think there's another game being played today as well as the Midlands derby.
Question Author
Question Author
Last reminder for today - change those Captains if you've not already done so.

Also, a heads-up just in case anyone wasn't aware - after today's matches that'll be it for a while due to another break for Internationals. Game Week 16 will see the restart, on Saturday 23rd November - schedule & reminders to follow nearer that date :-)
Question Author
Hi all! The Premier League restarts again this weekend & the schedule for Game Week 16 is -

Sat 23rd - 8 matches, 1st kick-off 12:30
Sun 24th - 1 match, kick-off 4:30
Mon 25th - 1 evening match, kick-off 8:00

Please remember to check for those annoying orange/red exclamation marks on the pitch where your teams are displayed & make any transfers you need to, whilst also selecting your Captains.

I hope everyone has a good weekend - be well, all :-)
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Evening bump for the info in the post above ^
Thanks, am going in.
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Morning all - to remind you that we're off again today, info in the post above @ 12:40 yesterday...
Question Author
Last shout for today - 1st kick-off at 12:30...
Question Author
Reminder that today's match kicks off at 4:30 -

Sheffield Utd v Man Utd
Luckily today I have being able to see the line up before KO... so no Captain changes needed since Friday.
Question Author
1st reminder of this evening's match -

Aston Villa v Newcastle - kick-off 8:00
A bit risky choosing a Defender as Captain as points are doubled positive and negative... however... :-)
Question Author
Hi Arky! I've no-one to select, was considering a swap just for the night, but I can't call the match & knowing my luck...hmmm...
That's the dilemma with the teams playing... a player to help me balance the books, explains the gravity of the risk I'm taking.

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Fantasy Football Continued...

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