Fantasy Football Continued...

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Lie-in King | 20:09 Wed 10th Aug 2016 | Football
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Hi all - having checked with SpareEd, I'm posting this as a continuation of the original thread here -

This is so that new posts will show in LP & when SpareEd gets a chance, he'll unsticky that thread & sticky this one. I'll post a continuation thread around this date each month & he'll unsticky/sticky again for us.

I've reminded him once again that we're awaiting the arrival of the teams from the Towers... ;-)


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Well the clock is certainly ticking toward Kick-off.

Let's be 'avin you!
Delia Smith.
Winning doesn't really matter as long as you win.
Vinny Jones
Question Author
[i]Who’ll win the league? It’s a toss of a coin between three of them.[i]
Matt le Tissier

My teams have been adjusted for skill, availability & GMT. Fingers crossed.

No participation from the Towers as yet...
There's still time, I've still to tweak 'Hugo Mugget!' before I lock out my final selection tomorrow.

[i] You can’t say my team aren’t winners. They’ve proved that by finishing fourth, third and second in the last three years. [i]
Gerard Houllier.
Question Author
Liverpool, with their 4-4-1 formation...
Jamie Redknapp

Don't fret Jamie, an easy mistake. I had a 4-5-2 formation written down this morning & thought "That'll do nicely...ah, wait a minute..."

[i] The fans don’t want all-seater stadiums. They’ll never stand for it. [i]
George Best
Question Author
Mistakes will be made, make no mistake.
Garth Crooks

C'mon Ed, shake a leg, work those fingers, exercise the little grey cells & get a team in! ;-)

I wouldn't say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one.
Brian Clough
Our aim is to equalise before the other side score. Jack Charlton.
Hello folks...thought I'd do the decent thing and defend my crown..
Good luck everybody....Let's get ready to rumble!
and since I'm a Baggie no doubt grumble ..Dooooooooomed!
Good to see you on board Mighty.

[i] We lost because we didn’t win [i]
Ronaldo (Brazil)
Question Author
Great to see you back, Mighty!

Whoever you support, you've got that blood in your veins
Phil Neal
I'd like to play for an Italian club, like Barcelona.
Mark Draper
Football is a simple game, 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win.
Gary Lineker
Togo, this is a different Thread to the one you're subscribed to (This one appears in recent posts). The 12:30 kick- off is the deadline for free unlimited transfers.
Gotcha Arks didn't know we had two threads running. I wondered why the other wasn't a sticky. I will switch over to this one. Doh. I will copy my last post over to here.
// Ok. Final tweek done for the kick off. The site is quicker than last year at least and does not appear to suffer if you open two threads to make changes. I had 3 players injured in training, strewth does not bode well for a full season. Anyone know when the unlimited transfer window ends? //
Julian *** is everywhere, it's like they've got eleven *** on the field.
Rhymes with Hicks.
It's getting tickly now - squeaky-bum time, I call it.
Sir Alex Ferguson
Question Author
The excitement, the never-before-seen anticipation...

It's an unprecedented precedent
Clark Carlisle

Good luck & have fun, everyone! :-))

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Fantasy Football Continued...

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