Fantasy Football Is Back On Ab!

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Lie-in King | 12:33 Sat 09th Jul 2016 | Football
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Hi everyone - having received an email reminder from Sky, I've restarted our League for the coming season.

Head for -

Once there, "How to Play" gives you all the info you'll need -

Now pick a team (or two) - yourself or allow an automatic selection. Whichever option you choose, don't worry, you have unlimited transfers until the start of the season on Saturday 13th August. The budget has been increased this year to £100 million per team.

Name your team, then join the League - ours is called "AnswerBank" & the PIN you need to enter is - 8188786

Once your team has its own page, you can change its visibility between "Public" & "Private", depending on whether you want others to be able to see your selection.

The following link can be useful (though as they point out, not necessarily definitive) to check for injuries and suspensions prior to game days -

I think that's covered everything needed to get the League under way & I wish everyone fun & good luck for the forthcoming season! :-))


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Thank you Lie-in King. Will have a look and pick a bare bones team. Then rely on the fantasy transfers facility to finalise when we know what the real transfer market throws up. Would be nice to have a good 30 team league, Arksided will no doubt be on pronto.
Thank you L-I-K. I'm in, one provisional team set up the second I just wondered who the system would select for now.
Question Author
Hi guys - an occasional bump into Latest Posts should ensure the regulars see the thread.

I agree, 30+ would be good - perhaps AB Towers will join in this season. They could have their own office tussle between say, "Edsenal" & "Techenham Hotspur" - other, better names are surely available... ;-)
Plenty of time for folk to join, a good idea for folk to know its been reactivated for the upcoming season and to re-'Unite-Ed' with us.

Blimey they're tougher than budgeting your actual team.
Lol @ LiK. Maul Mad Rid? . Lashter City? Bandsly? Queen's Bark Rovers?
Thanks LiK - have entered a couple of teams into AB League.
Noticed there is a different format for this season although all the rules seem the same.
Hopefully we will get a few more entrants. As far as I can remember we once had 42 teams (in 2012-13 season I think)
I will be out to improve on my 7th position last season, but good luck to all who enter
A notable difference (Apart from appearance) is unlimited Captain changes, last season was one change in a gameweek and then had to make a transfer to have a new Captain.
It is still as blindingly fast though Arks........ Not.
Lol indeed it is. Not!
Question Author
A bump to Latest Posts with a month to go until kick-off.

Hopefully some of last season's players will notice & get their names in the League - new Managers are also welcome of course! :-)
.. and knowledge of football is not essential as I can testify. The system will select a team for you with a fair balance of suggested good players. Free to enter and prizes to be won.
Question Author
Another week gone, so a Saturday bump for this - where is everyone?
I'm not into football, but I think I might have a go at this. I enjoyed the online Fantasy Tennis that I took part in during Wimbledon.
You never know, beginner's luck.
I've set up my team. I let the system pick my players, because I know nothing about football.
When does it actually start? See how little I know about football?
Question Author
Hi Cloverjo! The season starts on Saturday, August 13th
Sorry, just realised you said that in the OP. Thanks, Lie-in King.
Welcome on board Cloverjo.
I have been without a computer for the past two weeks, am now ban line.
Surprised to see that not many more entrants to the Answerbank Fantasy Football League. Hopefully we get a few more before the start of the season
In the meantime must do some fine tuning on my teams
back on line
Question Author
Hi x-ray! Glad you're back & in the league :-)

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Fantasy Football Is Back On Ab!

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