Ab Fantasy Football Final League Table 2019/20

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Arksided | 14:07 Wed 29th Jul 2020 | Football
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Hi all, We all know it's beeen a bizzarre and unusual season, but I for one think that most clubs did well with the restart with empty stadia etc, I was highly sceptical about it.

Congratulations to Robs Robbers 1. On winning our Answerbank FF league and to all that have taken part, as for myself I didn't reach my target of a top ten place missing out by 7pts.

AnswerBank Fantasy Football Final League table 2019/20:

1. Robs Robbers 1... 2746
2. Maidov Ale... 2694
3. Robs Robbers 2... 2692
4. Chickentikkamosala... 2685
5. Lie-in United... 2662
6. Diver City... 2659
7. Broccoli Frogs... 2611
8. Mighty WBA... 2606
9. Dupli City... 2595
10. European Football... 2595
11. Trident Dribblers... 2588
12. Mam City... 2530
13. Inter Ya'Nan... 2519
14. Buddys Boys... 2452
15. Hugo Mugget! ...2281
16. Lie-in Too... 2249
17. LUCKY2... 2240
18. Ryanbenchloe... 2217
19. ANYTHING GOES... 2211
20. Carrot 'n' Boozer... 2191
21. Half-Time Meds... 2053
22. JayRod's Back... 1983
23. Lucky 11... 1950
24. Allsoranz... 1925
25. AB Towers... 1922
26. Lolas 11... 1865
27. Rowanston City... 1833
28. PotLuckKillers... 1793

There we have it folks as said a strange season but got there in the end.
Hope you had fun and hope to see you all again next season (Due to kick-off Saturday 12 September 2020).
And finally thank you Lie-in King for setting this one up again and keeping us up to date throughout both parts of the season.

Lie-in Kings, Chat and general banter Thread:


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Nice one, Arky - good to see you about again, I hope you're well?

All things considered, I'm very happy with 5th & well done to Rob's Robbers :-)
Question Author
Hi, Yeah I'm well Lie-in King thank you, I got a mask at the weekend and felt confident to go to shops etc... it wasn't Covid19 that got me just a touch of hay fever...Being out and about. A lot better today and fighting fit again.
Good to hear you're ok :-)
Hi Arky, glad you're well.

Congrats to Rob's Robbers.

I would have liked a top ten placing, never mind.
Congrats to Rob's Robbers and thanks to both LIK, for setting this up, and Arky for aiding and abetting. Wasn't doing too badly myself during first half of the season but used my transfers up a tad early and ended up with just 9 players in both teams as quite a few were sidelined for much of the second half. Players like Ashley Barnes, Aguero, Ben Mee - all decent points scorers. Wouldn't have placed me in the top 10, mind, but would have been a tad higher than my final placings. Something to aim for next season :-)
Question Author
Hi Ken, My final three strikers 3-4-3 formation having to swap and change them a fair bit throughout were Vardy, Rashford and Salah whom scored me drbbley squat on the final day of the season, I was a Gnats wing of being in the top ten :-/

Better Luck mate with the up coming season, and well done L.I.K in getting fifth, I've just realised I didn't mention it, a late surge as usual from you wasn't it.
A funny old season to say the least. I managed some decent Captain picks after the restart that got me decent points - if only I'd started the way I finished.

Ah well, not long to the next go-around...

Off to watch the FA Cup in a few minutes - hope for a decent match & the right result :-)
Question Author
I have no great affection for Chelsea, but hope you do it and its a good game.
Given a disjointed year I think folk did their best.

Enjoy the Final everyone.
Just noticed - apologies for the awful double "decent" up there ^^^
I've had a fiver on the Gunners to win 2-1 @ 14/1 (well I was in the Artillery). The bookies may have got this one wrong, just as they did the two semi finals - according to them, it was supposed to be a Mancunian final, not an all London affair. Just hope it's a good game - often look forward to the final, only for it to turn out to be a bore-fest.
Question Author
I'm not a betting man but just chatted to my neighbour a Man City fan, and oddly enough both think 2-1 to the clubs that knocked us out in the semi's.
Question Author
I see all the Arsenal fans have turned up ;-)
I also have BTTS and Arsenal to win @ 5/1 for which I received a free £5 'in-play' bet to use. Game's so evenly pitched, hard to know how best to use it.
Looked at all the angles, the ins and outs, the ups and downs. Tested which way the wind is blowing, checked the horoscopes of all the playing and managerial staff at both clubs and have decided to use the free bet on;

Either side to win game in extra time @ 4/1
Sorry LIK but, KER-CHING!! Console yourself that while you are in the 'big' cup next season, arsenal could only manage the 'Thursday' cup :-)
Question Author
Chelsea weren't great but com'on Anthony Taylor was abysmal as a neutral even I was agast, he disrepected ref's all over the country. Lets hope his free pass is a one way ticket.
I agree, he was appalling.

As to the result, heigh-ho, on we go & well done to Ken :-)

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Ab Fantasy Football Final League Table 2019/20

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